hello, florida! tips on traveling with an infant / flying with a baby

well, here we are in orlando, florida. we made it! we made it to the land of frizzy hair and soggy air.

many of you know how nervous i was to fly with a wee one, but it turned out soooo much better than i imagined. (except, we were selected for one of those fabulous TSA patdowns. it was definitely awkward. aveline even got a patdown. i mean seriously?!) but after that ordeal was over, the rest of the trip was fabulous. she was such a perfect baby on the flights (thank you, Lord!) and slept most of the time. the baby bjorn was our best friend for those long walks from one gate to the next. really, the only tough moment was her screaming fit as we were boarding in houston — but it was a short-lived outburst. i am so thankful she didn’t have any problems with the takeoff or landing! she actually snoozed her way through both landings. it was a great experience, and i am so grateful to my jetsetting mama friends who shared the following tips with me:

Tips on Traveling with an Infant

  • nurse the baby during the take off and landing, even if it’s not “time” — this helps the baby handle the change in air pressure
  • use a carrier or sling — it makes walking so much easier, and it keeps strangers’ from touching baby’s face
  • allow plenty of time to get from one gate to another if you’re changing flights
  • pack more diapers and baby outfits than you think you’ll need
  • pack a change of clothes for yourself
  • don’t bring a travel-size package of wipes, pack a full package! ;-)
  • stay calm even if your baby is screaming — getting frazzled yourself only makes it that much worse
  • have baby’s birth certificate with you, as some airlines require this documentation

so yes, florida. i am so happy to be back with my amazing husband. i missed him so much. i missed us all being together. i missed my own bed. and as you can see from this photo, little aveline missed her bed, too. doesn’t she look adorable? co-sleeping is the best! i love it.

baby blog - oaxacaborn - Aveline Alenka at six weeks old - cosleeping on a Summer Infant contoured changing table cushion with a Summer Infant organic cotton cover


Have any other tips for traveling with an infant? Share them in the comments!

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Life in Photos

welcome baby aveline alenka!


Oaxacaborn welcomes Aveline Alenka

if we’re not connected on facebook or twitter, then you may have missed the big news. baby munsey is finally here! aveline alenka made her debut on wednesday, january 19th at 2:13am, weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces, and measuring 20 inches long. i can’t stop thinking about what one of the nurses said when she looked down at aveline —

well, hello, little one! and what have you come to teach us?

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Guest Blog

Guest Blog: Jen of ‘Making a Home and Family’ shares about Bringing Home Baby

(Note from Gina: Some lovely people have graciously agreed to share words and photos and pretty things with you while I’m off on my have-a-baby adventure. Today’s guest blogger is  Jen of Making a Home and Family. You can also find her on Twitter as @hippiejennie)

Guest Blogger Jen Smith of Making a Home & Family - Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby
There is a whirlwind of emotions when you arrive home after your new baby is born – excitement, relief, a little anxiety.  You had the help of doctors and nurses for the past few days, and now this little life is all you and your partner’s responsibility.  Breathe.  It’ll take some adjusting, but it all falls into place.

Remember, mamas, to take care of YOU
That’s right!  I wish someone would’ve told me this when I brought my daughter home.  I was so worried about nursing her, feeding the family, and doing laundry that I suffered.  I was tired, sore, stinky, and that just made things worse.  I needed some time to take care of me – a shower a day would’ve done me wonders.  Try and focus on you a little – shower, soak your feet, or read a book (or a magazine in short bursts).  Know that you deserve to be pampered so that you can be rested and better ready to take care of your baby.

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Conversations with Designers

etsy shop feature: rebourne [handmade eco-friendly baby & family goods]

This weekend I caught up with the shop owner of rebourne, an online clothing shop specializing in wool cloth diaper covers.  Marni, the artisan behind the upcycled items, was kind enough to answer a few questions for me — even though her newest baby is not yet a week old. Thanks Marni! - Etsy shop featuring upcycled wool cloth diaper covers and other handmade ecofriendly baby and family goods

Q: How would you describe rebourne?

My shop is a collection of handmade items for baby and family. I use mostly upcycled materials to create one-of-a-kind creations, many of which are cloth diapering oriented.

Q: As I was browsing your shop, I noticed the word “longies” used to describe some of the diaper covers. For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with the term, could you explain?

Longies are pants made out of wool that are used as a cloth diaper cover. Instead of using a plastic cover over a cloth diaper, longies are worn as a cover that doubles as comfortable pants!

Wool Longies via Rebourne on Etsy

Q. What are the advantages of  using wool as a cloth diaper cover? Continue reading “etsy shop feature: rebourne [handmade eco-friendly baby & family goods]”