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POETRY & WORDS :: Girls don’t avoid mud puddles (and other truths)

Little girls don't avoid mud puddles (and other daughterly truths) by Oaxacaborn as seen on A Collection of Passions

Click through to the A Collection of Passions blog to read how Aveline shattered the myths I used to believe about little girls.

(Thanks Kacie, for asking me to guest post! And congratulations, little Lulu is just beautiful. <3)

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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: The Way Bodega Bay Makes Me Feel

Urban Outfitter Floral Denim

January 2013 - Aveline and I at Bodega Bay in California

January 2013 - Aveline eats a picnic lunch on the beach in winter

Gina taking photos at Bodega Bay at sunset

The California coast always makes my heart soar.

There’s something so special about
those cliffs and
that icy water and
the way the sky changes color every minute.

Liz, who blogs beautifully at Yellow Finch, was kind enough to post more of my words about the way Bodega Bay makes me feel.

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LITTLE STYLE :: Finnish Blogger MrsAgatha Guest Posts on Little Boy Style

Hello from Finland! My name is Sari and I write a blog called MrsAgatha. I’m 32 years old and a mother, a wife and also a step mom. My blog is mainly about kids fashion and my son who is 4½ years old.

Lovely Gina invited me to write a guest post here on my little boy’s style and I’m so happy to be here on Oaxacaborn today! Thank you Gina for the invite!

A guest post about little boys clothing by Mrs Agatha from Finland My son loves cars, animals and everything that has color green in it (he’s obsessed with this color!), he eats almost anything and is always very happy to try new things. I’m a lucky person to have this kid as my son since he’s one of the funniest, cutest and happiest kids I know (and yes, I might be a bit biased).

I love to buy clothes for him. He might have too many clothes but I always think that better too much than too little, don’t you agree! I can choose all his clothes since he doesn’t mind what he’s wearing and this is one of the things I love about him (just kidding, although it’s great to pick his clothes since if he was the one choosing, his clothes would be all green and have cars on them)! ;)

Our whole family dresses mostly in dark colors and we love clothes that have bit of ‘rock’ in them. So also my son’s wardrobe is full of black/dark grey clothes but there are also some ‘real’ colors! I’m not the one who plays with different kinds of accessories or believes in layering, I just choose him a shirt and a pair of pants and that’s it. Might be boring but I believe that with easy choices he is more comfortable to move around and do whatever he wants and it’s his personality that makes the outfit not the clothes! :)
A guest post about little boys clothing by Mrs Agatha from Finland
My favorite brands are Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Yporqué, Minti and Munster Kids. All of these brands have very unique designs and prints and these are the things that I look for in his clothes.

Here are some photos of the kiddo wearing our favorite things. Some of the photos are over 2 years old so his appearance is a bit different in those compared to the newer ones. You can also see me in some of the pictures!
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CHRISTMAS :: Call for “Scandinavian Christmas” Blog Submissions

I’m planning a Scandinavian Christmas series!

Scandinavian Christmas Tree via antlivinorregrdImage via Lantliv i Norregård

In case you think it’s crazy to talk about Christmas already, well, December 25th is actually THIS. CLOSE. Can you believe it?

The Scandinavian Christmas post I did last year on the topic is my number one most-viewed and most-pinned post of all time — year-round, not just during the holidays — so I’m excited about an entire dedicated series.

So, do you have photos of your home to share?

Or perhaps you’d like to contribute a blog post on Scandinavian Christmas traditions?

Or maybe you’re a fellow admirer of Scandinavian Christmases, and want to share a brilliant round-up of wintery Nordic images (properly sourced and credited, of course)?

Or maybe you live in one of these countries and want to share your experiences?

Email me oaxacaborn at gmail dot com to be included in this great series!

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TRAVEL :: Frankfurt, Germany with Alyx: A Stop on the Summer Vacation Tour:

Today’s virtual travel destination is Frankfurt, Germany. Alyx is a Nebraska girl who blogs (very humorously, I might add) at Every Day is a New Adventure, and she’s going to take us on a little tour!


Hello, Oaxacaborn readers! I am so excited [and honored] to be here with you guys!

A quick introduction: I’m Alyx, and I currently live in Germany and blog over here.

I’m so happy that Gina asked me to share what I love about Frankfurt with you, because believe me – there’s quite a bit! I’m going to share my top 5 favorite things about the city in a minute, but first I just wanted to tell you why I’m here!

I’m actually teaching English in a tiny town about 45 minutes outside of Frankfurt, but I visit frequently and lived there a couple years ago while I was doing an internship. Germany is one of my favorite places in the world, and I’ve grown quite attached to Frankfurt because it is where I have spent a majority of my time in the country.

So, without further ado, my Five Frankfurt Favorites: 

I love the Main River so much. There are biking/running paths that run right next to it, and there are always people sitting on the grassy banks during the spring and summer. It’s just such a fun, relaxing, and beautiful place.

Most of Frankfurt was leveled during WWII, but the Altstadt (German for “old town”) makes you feel like you’re back in old Germany. It’s amazing, because it’s a five minute walk from the super busy Zeil, which is Frankfurt’s main shopping area (and obviously a very modern area). It almost feels like you’re leaving one world and entering another.

Okay, so I sort of feel like I’m cheating with this one because you can get it everywhere in Germany, but the most delicious Spaghetti Eis I have ever had has been in Frankfurt. My favorite Eiscafe is actually right in the Altstadt, so it’s a win-win.

The nice thing about Frankfurt is that, even though it’s a very industrialized city, there are still plenty of places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and relax for a bit. Just realize that, in the winter, the parks are not going to as beautiful as they will be in the summer (as the picture above shows).

I really love climbing to the top of some of Frankfurt’s tallest buildings and looking out over the city. It’s beautiful in a way that is different from most German cities, and I think that’s one of the reasons I like it so much. The building this picture was taken from is actually pretty small compared to many of the skyscrapers in the city, but still offered a pretty good view.

So there you have it – my five favorite things about Frankfurt! If you have any questions for me about expat living, Germany, German, or just life in general, pop on over! I’d love to meet you! 

This post is a part of the Summer Vacation Tour, a virtual travel series hosted here on To ‘travel’ to other locations while I’m taking a brief break from blogging, click here. (Want to be featured in the future? Email me!)