Hello, I’m so glad you’re interested in the Oaxacaborn blog!

I’ve been writing under the Oaxacaborn name name for well over a decade — since 2002, in fact. As the name of this blog implies, I was born in Oaxaca (say: wuh-HA-kuh), Mexico and spent my early childhood in the former Yugoslavia before finding myself in the United States. (Read more about my unusual background as a second-generation homeschooler / third culture kid.) I now live in Nashville, Tennessee where I write and edit from my home office in our apartment, in between driving my asynchronous seven-year-old back and forth from Chinese school, and dreaming of my eventual memoir.

Brand Collaborations, Book and Curriculum Reviews, and PR Requests

I’m a published author and editor, and long-time blogger. I’m a regular on the Sonlight Curriculum blog, and contribute to the iHomeschool Network blog as well.

I started with Babiekins Magazine as a contributing writer in 2011, quickly moved on to a Copy Editor role, and most recently served as the Senior Editor of the magazine. During my time at the magazine, I authored dozens of published pieces, both ghostwritten and bylined. In 2017, I stepped back into a more minimal role with the magazine to focus on my freelance writing and editing career.

I’ve been a reader since the age of three, and believe there is no such thing as too many books, only not enough bookshelves. My curriculum and book reviews here on Oaxacaborn — this “Project Passport” review is a great example — offer bright, happy photos, a clear, concise explanation of benefits, and well-thought-out writing.  My posts on the harm of morality-based education, why Singapore Math works best for us, and how to teach Chinese when you’re not a native speaker, and epiphany, dirty bathrooms, and hallowed ground are very popular with my readers.

I’ve partnered with decor brands, authors, publishers, and clothing labels, and have had two of my original interior styling projects — a homeschool room in an apartment with limited space and a global explorer’s bedroom — published in print as well. I have also styled original lifestyle photos for Memoky lighting, Livie & Luca shoes, and Uncommon Goods products, and worked with JCPenney, Fabkids.com, Poco Nido, Nadadelazos, and more.

I’m available for product, book, and curriculum reviews and social media promotions. I also offer copywriting, editing, and brand consulting services on a freelance basis.

Want to Work With Me?

Do you want to discuss a partnership, sponsorship, writing project, collaboration, or other idea? Email me gina.munsey@gmail.com or catch me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. My Pinterest profile also gives a great peek into my aesthetic preferences. Let’s talk!

[Note: If you wish to get in touch re: Babiekins Magazine, please click here instead.]

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