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Guest Blog: Jen of ‘Making a Home and Family’ shares about Bringing Home Baby

(Note from Gina: Some lovely people have graciously agreed to share words and photos and pretty things with you while I’m off on my have-a-baby adventure. Today’s guest blogger is  Jen of Making a Home and Family. You can also find her on Twitter as @hippiejennie)

Guest Blogger Jen Smith of Making a Home & Family - Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby
There is a whirlwind of emotions when you arrive home after your new baby is born – excitement, relief, a little anxiety.  You had the help of doctors and nurses for the past few days, and now this little life is all you and your partner’s responsibility.  Breathe.  It’ll take some adjusting, but it all falls into place.

Remember, mamas, to take care of YOU
That’s right!  I wish someone would’ve told me this when I brought my daughter home.  I was so worried about nursing her, feeding the family, and doing laundry that I suffered.  I was tired, sore, stinky, and that just made things worse.  I needed some time to take care of me – a shower a day would’ve done me wonders.  Try and focus on you a little – shower, soak your feet, or read a book (or a magazine in short bursts).  Know that you deserve to be pampered so that you can be rested and better ready to take care of your baby.

Ask for help
It takes a village to raise a child – really.  If someone asks if they can help, say yes.  Tell them to put the wash in the dryer, start the dishwasher, hold the baby while you cook lunch, or even ask them to bring a hot meal to you.  They will gladly do it!  And it’s totally okay, even if they don’t ask, that you ask them to help anyway.  If they want to come meet the baby, ask that they hold her while you do some tidying or put up your feet.

Sleep when baby does
You will probably hear this over and over again, but it’s because they know what they are talking about.  I finally fell into a rhythm that when baby fell asleep, I grabbed a snack and did a small chore before crawling in next to her for some zzz’s.  Broken sleep from feedings, checking on her, or staring at her fast asleep amazed at it all will wear you out.  Naps will surely help give you more energy while you are awake.  The dishes, laundry, and other messes will be there later.

The most important part of being home with your baby is bonding.  Enjoy it!

(Thank you so much, Jen!)


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