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Another Little Sojourner Heart

Little Sojourner Heart

Aveline watched Fiddler on the Roof this weekend for the first time. I think she’s discovered a new love, musicals (are any of us really that surprised?) This afternoon, we listened to the soundtrack at her request, and she burst into tears listening to “Far from the Home I Love”.

Dat girl, she was singing she wanted to go to da home she loved and she got on da train instead!

She gets it, this kid. She feels the pull that tugs hearts in many directions. Only three years old and already so many trips to our various homes to be with the people we love, and always leaving, to go back to Florida again.

Another little sojourner. <3


5 thoughts on “Another Little Sojourner Heart”

  1. How heart-touching! How sweet that Aveline at age 3 has such empathy to weep with sadness during the Fiddler on the Roof movie. It includes some very sad parts. The movie is also memorable with historical facts woven into the script. Thanks for sharing your child’s sweet ways.


  2. hi gina, having found you for the first time twice today i thought i would say hello. first i was looking for swedish painted stairs and found your link to simple swedish christmas trees and your whole christmas theme (lingered for quite some time as i l.o.v.e. everything swedish), then just now i was checking in on pure style and thought i would have a peek at her facebook and there you were again :) so, just wanted to say hi and hope to continue reading your sweet blog. take care, dawn :)


    1. Hello Dawn, what a sweet comment! :) I always appreciate it when people stop and take the time to tell me they enjoy this little blog. :) Ah yes, as you’ve seen, I just can’t get enough of Scandinavian Christmas. It’s always such a fun time of year here on the blog. And isn’t Jane’s work just stunning in its simplicity?


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