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LITTLE STYLE :: When it comes to LEGO® bricks, pink is just another color

Modern legos for girls

This is my daughter. That is her LEGO collection.

You may notice a light smattering of pink.

Ah, pink. Nothing gets bloggers’ undies in a bunch faster than the mention of pink LEGO bricks. I might even lose my blogger card.

Can you imagine the kerfuffle in 1962 when LEGO introduced motors? The audacity! The nerve! The beginning of the end of children’s creativity!

Thankfully, there were no bloggers in 1962.

So, let’s skip forward a bit and start where most of the LEGO diatribes begin: the now infamous 1981 LEGO ad. It’s completely endearing and delightful! And it advertised universal building sets. The universal building sets were awesome.

LEGO 1981 ad

But pink bricks alone hardly will destroy a girl’s — or boy’s for that matter — childhood.

Pink is just a color.

By vilifying pink LEGO sets, we give a color (a color!) far more power than it ever should have. When we gasp at pink bricks, we’re saying the toy is more powerful than the imagination of the child playing with it.

Let’s chill out. It’s just pink. And besides, this color isn’t the worst thing Lego is introducing to our children. I present to you . . . The Simpsons in LEGO form, coming February 2014.

So, let it go. Shake your pinkophobia out.

In a few more days we’ll all have something else to blog out.

New Legos are not harming little girls. Pink is just a color


4 thoughts on “LITTLE STYLE :: When it comes to LEGO® bricks, pink is just another color”

  1. gah! i hate pink!! LOL! ;))
    no, i get you, and you’re right. what i strongly dislike is the connection of pink being a girls only color. the have Kinder Überraschung eggs “just for girls” out here in Germany (not sure about US?) with pink flowers on the packaging. i mean how wrong is that? there are no Kinder Surprise Eggs “just for boys” either. Spencer and I have purposely bought girls’ eggs a few times now, and their contents don’t even seem to be particularly girly in any way.
    that 1981 ad is just delightful!! building in color, is it not that which it is all about?


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