Nashville / Franklin Classical Co-op: This is a pipe dream for a classical Christian homeschool co-op which doesn’t yet exist in Franklin, Tennessee — but I’m putting it out there.

Are you in a homeschooler in Franklin, Brentwood, or South Nashville?

Are you a believer in the classical tradition?

Does the idea of a rhythm — a beautiful, structured liturgy — of education appeal to you?

Are you a Bible-believing Christian?

Do you have elementary-aged kids?

Do you like the idea of a 1-day academic enrichment program?

Do you wish you could gather together with like-minded families one day per week for a rich feast of memory work or geography or history or science or literature or recitation?

Do you want a low-cost option, sharing the teaching commitments?

Maybe, together, we can create a classical christian enrichment co-op for homeschoolers in Franklin, Brentwood, and South Nashville.

Let’s talk. Email me. (And if you know of an existing co-op which already matches this description, definitely email me!)