Interactive Notebook Labels: FREE Printables

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Label your school notebooks by subject with FREE notebook cover labels!

Looking for free printables to help you organize your notebooks, so you can quickly visually differentiate between subjects?  I’ve created two sets of FREE school subject labels, one sized for standard spiral notebooks, and one for bound composition books. They’re perfect for interactive notebooks, or just for everyday school notebooks.

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These free interactive notebook labels are black-and-white, so super inexpensive to print at home — and they’re already formatted to print centered on an 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper at just the right size. You could jazz up your organizational game by printing on bright colored paper, too, if you wanted. All you need to do after printing is cut out the labels around the bold black border, then glue on to the front cover of the notebook.

Then look at you!

So organized.

What school subject labels are included?

Each set of school subject notebook cover labels contains 23 different options —

  • HISTORY, and a duplicate version for
  • MATH, and a duplicate version for
  • MATHS (UK)
  • SCIENCE, and a duplicate version for
  • ART, and a duplicate version with a customizable write-your-own label
  • GRAMMAR, and a duplicate version for
  • LANGUAGE ARTS, and a duplicate version for
  • SPaG (UK)
  • WRITING, and a duplicate version with a customizable write-your-own label
  • READING, and a duplicate version for
  • and two more with BLANK customizable write-your-own labels.


Why the term interactive notebook?

This is a common term for when lapbooking and notebooking elements are glued into bound composition books or spiral notebooks, rather than glued onto file folders, loose cardstock, or organized into three-ring-binders. To tame the paper dragon, I’m a huge fan of this neat and tidy organizational method. Long live interactive notebooks!

These printables can be used to label any type of school composition book or spiral notebook.

You don’t have to utilize interactive notebooking or lapbooking in your homeschool or classroom to use these school subject labels, of course. They’re simply a great way to easily tell notebooks apart. Our math notebooks, for example, won’t have any fancy glued elements inside; they’re used for scratch paper, and for showing work. (Although, the other day, my daughter did write the phrase “work is unshowable…I just knew it”. Sound familiar? But at least the notebook has a cute cover, ha!)

Grab your FREE printables to organize your spiral notebooks and composition books

Oh, and one last note. Please don’t share the PDFs directly. I’d love it if you can point friends to this blog post, instead. You can also share easily by copy/pasting this shortlink:

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14 thoughts on “Interactive Notebook Labels: FREE Printables”

  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing these!

    And I just have to ask… what does SPaG stand for? Something similar to language arts, I’m assuming?


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