50+ Reformation Songs for Kids (including an entire Reformation musical!)

50+ Reformation Songs for Kids (including an entire Reformation musical!) No-Prep Reformation Lessons

No-Prep Ways to Study the Reformation for Kids

Looking for last-minute, no-prep Reformation lessons to celebration the 500th anniversary? Me, too! I’m so thankful for these fun kids’ songs which make Reformation theology and history so accessible to children. Best of all, there’s no preparation required!

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Kids’s Songs About Reformation Theology and History

In this instant-streaming, FREE Spotify playlist, you’ll find songs from the beloved Songs for Saplings series by Dana Dirksen and  Bruce Benedict’s Shorter Catechism project.

There’s even an entire children’s musical — Echoes of the Hammer, all about Luther. I just can’t say enough about this delightful, powerful, extraordinarily well-done musical!

(Don’t see the embedded playlist above? Click here to open Spotify in your web browser instead. It’s free, but you might have to sign up for a free account.)

Learning Reformation History Through Song

At least in our home, songs are one of the very best ways to learn. We love musical memory work! There’s just something about setting words to music that makes it stick. While the musical included in the playlist above gives you a longer overview of Reformation history, this Reformation Rock music video offers a quick overview. You can even print out Reformation Rock lyrics, too.

Create a Reformation Lapbook

In addition to these wonderful musical resources, our Reformation binder is on standby, too, ready to roll. (We’re big on three-ring binders around here.) Lapbooks definitely aren’t no-prep, bubt we’re stocked up on cardstock, and have our Home School in the Woods Renaissance and Reformation lapbook projects all queued up for the printer.

Although it’s getting too close to October 31 to order through the mail, you can purchase

(Not sure these paper projects would be your thing? You can see our experience with Project Passport to see if it’s what you had in mind.)

So what about you — how are you planning to mark #Reformation500? No-prep, spontaneous-prep, or all-the-prep? ;)

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