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LITTLE STYLE :: Who Makes One-Piece Cotton Sleepwear Above Size 2?

One piece cotton sleepwear via Cotton and Button
Striped cotton one-piece pajama via Cotton & Button

Palm Tree Jumpsuit via Mini Rodini
Palm tree jumpsuit by Mini Rodini via Smallable

Does anyone know of a brand which makes this style of romper — cotton, one-piece, footless — in higher sizes? Most labels stop at a size 2. Even Hanna Andersson only makes one-piece sleepwear through size 3, and then switches to 2-piece.

There HAS to be someone who makes sleep-appropriate cotton jumpsuits (even short-sleeved/short-pants ones) for kids past the baby stage! Help me out?

UPDATE: The wonderfully helpful POP Street Kidz curator and readers have found several options! They are all listed here on the POP Street Kidz Facebook page.


2 thoughts on “LITTLE STYLE :: Who Makes One-Piece Cotton Sleepwear Above Size 2?”

  1. Oh, i would love to know the answer to that question too!! spencer looooves onepiece PJ’s and is still wearing an H&M one in size 92…..


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