TRAVEL :: Long Live Summer: San Francisco with my Sister

This post is sponsored by Shutterfly’s Long Live Summer photo contest.

When I was in Sacramento recently, my sister(in-law) and I spent a day in San Francisco. Orlando in July is, like Jim Gaffigan says, truly like the surface of the sun, so it felt SO good to put on a jacket and escape into a cool Bay Area summer. There’s nothing in the world like that Pacific air! And Grandma watched Aveline, so it was just sister and I playing tourists in our own backyard. (Well, her current backyard. My old one.)

Window Display in Union Square, photo via Oaxacaborn dot comDoesn’t this look like a still from a movie? I wish I had paid attention to which storefront this was. Does anyone know? Union Square is gorgeous, by the way — as is the walk from where the Powell-Mason cable car line starts, to the top of Nob Hill.
Shopping in Decades of Fashion on Haight Street in San Francisco, photo via Oaxacaborn dot comAh, this was so fun — Decades of Fashion on Haight Street. Literally a century’s worth of clothing here, all the way back to 1880. They had a ton of beaded flapper dresses from the 1920s, you guys! on Haight Street with IRLOMashup card from TicoandTina dot com, photo via Oaxacaborn dot comAnd yes, of course we had to venture into the Lower Haight and snap some obligatory pictures next to street art. ;) The card I’m holding is part of’s clever race to see which team’s card will travel the most miles!

Powell Street in San Francisco, photo via Oaxacaborn dot com

Ah, now I have a serious hankering to go back. Actually, who am I kidding? I am ALWAYS in the mood for California. ♥


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