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Battling Discouragement

Thoughtful Aveline in lavender

I am overwhelmed. I feel like it’s impossible to meet some of the deadlines looming this week. My mind keeps racing up and down my to-do list.

I panic over the fear of not doing something I should. I beat myself up over what there is left to do. I get discouraged by my weaknesses.  I should have already done this, I should have been stronger, I should have done more, I should have… I focus on the undone, the unfinished, the incomplete.

I am a perfectionist.

This is a terrible way to live; this is not freedom.

I want, instead, to live life with open arms, accepting the endless grace God has for me. I want to receive the peace He is offering me. I want to trade in my turmoil for rest. I want to lay my stubbornness down at His feet and admit that no, I can’t do it all. No, I can’t do it perfectly.

But His grace is sufficient.  His power is perfected in my weakness.

And if I feel like I’ve failed today, it’s okay. His mercies are new every single morning.

3 thoughts on “Battling Discouragement”

  1. Oh, dear. You are a miracle every single day. You do whatever you can w/what you have & that is enough for today. (& I’m telling myself this while I’m telling you–because the list never ends!)

    Still, I hear you. :-)
    p.s. It’s 98F in the shade today. You’re not missing a thing–except maybe iced coffee w/me.


  2. Oh my, I can relate. Not today, but most days. I am a perfectionist too, and I tend to get incredibly discouraged when things aren’t up to my standard. That being said I also like to try doing a million things at once, making being a perfectionist really difficult. Then you add in a baby and chaos ensues!

    Shoulda, could, woulda, you are doing a great job pretty mama. Don’t feel discouraged, just know that your heart is always in the right place and that no one can do or have it all.


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