INSPIRATION :: Illustrations by Lizzy Stewart

These illustrations by Lizzy Stewart are capturing my imagination tonight! And you’ll forgive me for including some very out-of-season winter scenes too, right?
Bear by Lizzy Stewart
Fox Friend by Lizzy Stewart
Paris by Lizzy Stewart
Wooden Building by Lizzy Stewart
After I Fell And Before I Hit the Water by Lizzy Stewart
To the Factory by Lizzy Stewart
Birds by Lizzy Stewart
Nature Boy by Lizzy Stewart
Christmas by Lizzy Stewart

Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Here’s to 2012

It’s been too long since I posted an edition of “Monday’s Pretty Things”. Let’s start this year off with a short list — just two photos. (It’s still a list if there are only two things, right?)

I love winter scenes like this one, which at first glace look as though they’ve been shot in black and white.  Such an achingly beautiful stand of birch trees.

Birch Trees in winter via Scandinavian blog Helt Enkelt

via Helt Enklet

The pure light in this next image is so clean and beautiful, a bright contrast to the cloudy, grey day above. Plus, I was especially attracted to this photograph because of the colors — mustard (of course!) against white.

white wood, mustard candle, sparkle grey heart, and star fabric via moa og kaffekoppen

via moa og kaffekoppen

Want to see more pretty things? I don’t blame you…two images barely whets your appetite for inspiration! ;)