Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Cleaning and Organizing Inspiration (and a Confession)

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Glass Hand Soap Bottle
Glass Hand Soap Bottle via Mrs. Meyer’s

As I sit down this afternoon to share the prettiest kind of cleaning and organizing inspiration with you, I have to be honest and say that sometimes when I clean, things get ugly.

You should have seen me in the kitchen earlier today. I decided to take apart the entire crisper drawer and lower shelf assembly inside the fridge, so I could give it a good scrubbing. That was fine. But putting it back together was another story, since all the parts disconnected from each other when I took them out of the fridge.

An hour later — sweating, frustrated, and nearly in tears — I finally managed to get everything back into place. (At one point I even downloaded the owner’s manual PDF from the manufacturer’s website. The only help it offered on the plastic piece in question? “Note: Be sure to replace center support before reinstalling glass shelf.” Gee, thanks!)

I’m not sure why I allow things like that to get me so riled up and frustrated. A whole lot of pride and indignation, I suppose, “I should be better at this! If this is still taken apart when Josiah gets home, I’ll be so embarrassed!” But it’s a ridiculous sort of thing to get angry about.

It’s just a fridge drawer (or rather, a series of pieces, which, when properly aligned, magically comprise a set of drawers.) And contrary to the arbitrary pressures I put on myself constantly — news flash! — I don’t actually have to be good at everything (like making crisper drawers out of puzzling plastic parts.) I don’t have to be an expert at all the things. I don’t have to be an expert at all. And I don’t have to be perfect.

Now why is that such a hard lesson for me to learn?

Organized Swedish pantry via jordgubbar med mjolk
Organized Swedish pantry via Jordgubbar Med Mjolk

Wicker laundry basket from Crate and Barrel
Wicker laundry basket via Crate & Barrel

Coffee art print via Billy & Scarlet
Coffee art print via Billy & Scarlet

Linen and Burlap Towels Hanging on Nails with Soap from the Portfolio of Johanna Pilfalk
Towels and soap via the portfolio of Johanna Pilfalk

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Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: For the Love of White – 7 Bright Interiors

Sometimes, on Mondays, I need just a little more sunlight, a little bit less clutter on the countertops, a little more music, and a little more coffee.

You too?

Here are seven pretty rooms I’ve had my eye on this past week.

Caroline Coehorst image, styling Femke Pastijn
via Caroline Coehorst, styling by Femke Pastijn

via ledansla
via le dans la

Mini Empire wallpaper as seen on ladnebebe
Mini Empire wallpaper via Ladnebebe

organized shelves via Hildas Hem
via Hildas Hem

Mikael Axelsson photo via Feel Inspired blog
Mikael Axelsson photo via Feel Inspired

Child's room via Baby Ramen
via Baby Ramen

Studio Oink as seen on Bloesem
Studio Oink via Bloesem

Christmas, Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Red, White and Christmas

A day late, yes, but here are the images I’ve found inspiring this week. Just 12 days until Christmas now!

Red, WHite and Silver Painted Deer Antler - Candy Cane - via Maya Jade Creations on Etsy

Candy cane striped deer antler in red, white and silver via Maya Jade Creations on Etsy

Mormor - Faroese Grey and White Baby Toddler Sweater - Handmade Alpaca - via Orfeo

Traditional faroese sweater, in 100% organic fairtrade alpaca. Handknitted in Denmark by Mormor, via Orfeo

Zephaniah 3-17 sign via Aimee Weaver - Distressed Wooden Sign with White Typography

Distressed wooden sign with Zephaniah 3:17 typography via Aimee Weaver

Norwegian Advent Calendar Jul Kalendar via Beates Verden

Jul Kalendar (Advent Calendar) via Beates Verden

Sparkle Gold Ballet Flats on White Wooden FLoor - via Moa Og KaffeKoppen

Sparkle gold ballet flats on white wooden floor via Moa Og Kaffekoppen

White on White - Wire Stars, White Lace Doilies, White Ceramics in White WIndow - via Le Dans La Blog, France

Wire Stars in Window via the French blog Le Dans La

Dala Horse Bunting via All Sorts

Red Dala Horse bunting strung up on mantle via All Sorts

swedish weaving via kstyleshonan on ravelry

Swedish weaving via Kstyleshonan on Ravelry