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It’s been way too long since I’ve done a What I Wore post! (Where did the summer go?!)

Not that I’m complaining — the end of August is shaping up beautifully. Aveline is napping after loudly fighting sleep, and the sunshine of the morning has faded into cozy dark grey clouds. Josiah’s working on art next to me, and we’re both listening to Coldplay’s lesser-known Prospekt March EP. Pretty perfect if you ask me!

What are you up to today?

What I Wore August 26 - Oaxacaborn

2 - What I Wore August 26 - Oaxacaborn

3 - What I Wore August 26 - Oaxacaborn

  1. Bamboo & amber necklace from a Mexican bazaar in Hollywood, California
  2. Technically, a vintage belt. (Although, it’s the same age I am, and I’m decidedly not vintage)
  3. Wooden bracelet from Paraguay
  4. Dickies tank
  5. Old Navy shorts
Life in Photos

my first-ever ‘what i wore’ post.

what i wore: oaxacaborn blog feature

just over a week ago, dani of sometimes sweet shared about blogging goals, and encouraged others to set simple goals. around the same time, my mom emailed me a link to money saving mom‘s five necessary traits of successful bloggers. these two things really inspired me to start a more regular posting schedule, and incorporate more topics into my blog. so, here’s my first-ever what i wore post! i’m considering making this a weekly blog feature.

top: hand-me-down from my lovely sister
leggings: jcpenney clearance rack (they’re actually a dark gray, not black like they appear in the photo.)
hair: it’s been almost a year since i got my hair cut, so the sloppy bun has become a habit with me. just another reason i need to make an appointment to get this cut.