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My seester is coming to see me!

See this? It’s my seester(in-law). As you can tell from this picture (taken in San Diego last year at cousin Julie’s wedding), we’re always perfectly behaved, and of course, we never goof around.

Especially in public.

Hannah and Gina

She’s coming tomorrow, all the way from California. I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. I mean, a year ago, she and I lived just a mile apart in the same pretty little California town. Today, she lives in my old house (what?!) and I’m 3,000 miles away. And last time she saw Aveline? The wee miss looked like this.

So yeah. I’ve missed her. This week is going to be all kinds of wonderful!

Poetry & Words

Coffee and (lack of) sleep and vintage and assorted happenings!

Hi, lovelies! It’s been a busy couple of weeks around here. I’ve been filling orders for my Etsy shop, getting ready to become a vendor on GreenByUSA, and prepping for the Fall line coming to the Nakate website this weekend. And, rumor has it I’ll have an article in the next issue of Babiekins Magazine!

The most exhausting thing lately has been getting back into the swing of two wake-ups per night with Aveline. She’s decided two bottom teeth aren’t enough, and put in an order for two more. But there’s a silver lining. I’ve upped my cuppa intake from 1/3 coffee + 2/3 decaf to straight-up half-caff. What a cute little chomper Aveline will be with four bottom teeth and none on top ;-)

Aveline and papa

I also wanted to stop in today to share a fun vintage find with you — the Etsy shop Pomp and Pride. My new friend Ariel (a fellow displaced Northern Californian!) has been selling pretty vintage dresses from her DC home for 6 months now. In celebration of this “half-iversary”, she’s offering 50% off all orders between $20 and $150.

Here are a couple of pretties from her shop…

vintage 1950's lace dress / full skirt / ombre tiered / medium - POMP AND PRIDE on etsy
Vintage 1950s Lace Dress with Full Skirt

vintage 1970's dress / red striped / xs small medium via POMPANDPRIDE on etsy
Vintage 1970s Striped Dress

Aren’t they fun? There are lots more in her shop. (All dress images via Pomp and Pride.)


pretty little dresses from modcloth — inspired by lottie loves

each friday, lottie of the vintage fashion blog lottie loves posts about pretty dresses. it’s all part of a campaign she’s started called think frock, it’s friday! in order to encourage women to wear dresses at least once a week. dresses are so inherently feminine by their very nature, and i think it’s wonderful that she is inspiring women to wear dresses. here are a few little things i spied over at today. aren’t they pretty?

Cable Car Tour, Now Boarding, Soda Fountain, and Terrarium Workshop -- all dresses from

1-Cable Car Tour Dress
2-Now Boarding Dress
3- Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger
4- Terrarium Workshop Dress

Handmade, Little Style

vintage rickrack, eyelet fabric, and my due date

i’m keeping myself busy today, my due date, by carefully pinning vintage rickrack to an eyelet fabric baby dress cut from an old skirt of mine. the dog is freshly bathed and smells of essential oils and sunshine (yes, sunshine has a scent). the blue light pouring in through the windows doesn’t hide the fact that it was a mere shivering 28 degrees this morning, or that overnight, the sleeping world was covered in icy frost.

cutting a pattern for a little girl dress out of an old skirt

homemade baby girl dress pattern laid out on old skirt fabric

macro photo of vintage black rickrack trim being pinned to hem of tan eyelet fabric

inside, i’m warm, with my decaf mocha and my quiet music. and i know you’re wondering — am i feeling patient? well, not so much, but i’m working on it. =)

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Handmade, Little Style

handmade baby gown upcycled from women’s dress [with link to tutorial]

thanks to a great tutorial i found here, i was able to create a baby gown/infant sack from one of my old dresses!  the tutorial was intended for cotton t-shirts, but of course i had to make things way more complicated and use a silky chiffon-like fabric.  seriously, what was i thinking?! i love the way it turned out, though. and i also love that since i got the original dress at a thrift store ages ago, the baby gown is it’s third life!
Before and After photos of a women's dress upcycled into an infant sleep sack/baby gown - vintage daisies 60's

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pops of red and yellow for a gray day: a roundup of bright and cheery inspiration

i thought i’d share some of the pretty things catching my eye around the interwebs today. i’ve been down with a cold, and these bright pops of colour brightened my day. are any of you having a wintery gray day? maybe this will brighten your day as well.

danish flower red and birds and flowers yellow - dresses from winter water factory as featured on bloesem kidswinter water factory dresses featured on bloesem kids (there’s a giveaway, too!)

the  Lord  is  God,  and  He  has  given  us  light. Psalm 118:27this was such a perfect reminder this morning. (no link to source — typography is my own.)

HideNSeek/Art of Fairytale as featured on Try Handmadehidenseek’s art of fairytale featured on try handmade’s winter delights

more images after the jump Continue reading “pops of red and yellow for a gray day: a roundup of bright and cheery inspiration”


NaBloPoMo (bless you!), vintage rickrack, and yarn

this month, i’m joining a lot of other bloggers in national blog post month — that is, trying to blog at least once a day throughout november.  apparently, the cringe-worthy abbreviation for this event is NaBloPoMo.  this is not to be confused with NaNoWriMo, the novel-writing event.  let’s just say…i hope the folks who came up with that are better at crafting sentences than they are at inventing acronyms.

speaking of crafting, here’s a little snapshot of a current project involving yarn scraps and vintage rickrack.

crochet patchwork yarn and vintage ribbon - work in progress - boho, bohemian, hippy, hippie

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Handmade, Life in Photos

crocheted vintage sweater dress for baby [and weekly photo roundup]

i was recently given a bunch of yarn scraps which originally belonged to my husband’s great-grandma. during her life, she crocheted countless items for my husband and his siblings, so i wanted to make something for our baby — who would have been her first great great grandchild — out of these bits of yarn.

>crocheted sweater dress for baby girl - made from scraps of vintage yarn which originally belonged to baby's great great grandma

also, a few photographic snapshots from around the house this week:

las vegas glass and red and turquoise damask tile

roll of brown vintage yarn

green floral hoodie tossed over back of chair, hardwood floor

jolene the tabby cat

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