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WRITING & WORDS :: A (Neither Sunny nor Relaxing) Poolside Break with a Toddler

Guatemalan Textile Purse

Poolside Snack

I was tempted just to post these photos without explanation, and let you think the perfectly behaved toddler and I reclined on a chaise lounge, poolside, under the sunny sky.

Well, it was a chaise lounge.

And it was poolside.

But the fact is, we only sat there for about seven turbulent minutes. It wasn’t even sunny, and we definitely did not recline.

About thirty seconds after I snapped these pictures (not an easy feat in itself, considering she wanted to poke the lens), she invented a game called “use feet to smash the bowl of crackers”. To my embarrassment, removal of feet from bowl was met by a sudden trifecta of kicking, pinching and yelling, during which time several crackers’ worth of wet crumbs were (deliberately, it seemed) smeared across my white shirt.

We made a speedy exit from said poolside, with a disgruntled toddler and my bruised pride in tow.

And yes, I’m going to try this again, and again, and again….