Little Style

Aveline’s First Easter

3 month old Aveline - Baby's First Easter - Dress from The Children's Place

my little sweetums has not one, but two easter dresses for her first easter. spoiled much?! or just the perks of being the first and only grandchild on both sides of the family? in this picture, she’s wearing the rosette floral dress (complete with crinoline!) from the children’s place. isn’t it lovely? aveline says thank you, grandma susan and great grandma catron.

Little Style

Lola’s White and Fluffy Coat – from the Children’s Place!

You know how I was drooling over this white & fluffy coat from Baby GAP? You know, the one that’s all sold out and looks just exactly like the one from Charlie & Lola?

Well, thanks to the Children’s Place, I caved. I mean, I just couldn’t help myself. It is so unbearably tiiiiiny and cute.

White and Fluffy Coat - Dressy Coat from the Children's Place - Infant Girl Newborn

(Thanks to Money Saving Mom for the heads up on today’s fantastic sale.)

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