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Monday’s Pretty Things :: Sunshine Yellow Edition

Let's Go Anywhere via Emily O Photography on Flickr

Let’s Go Anywhere via Emily O Photography on Flickr

It’s our motto.

Wherever We Are Together, That is Home via VOl 25

Wherever We Are via vol.25

I love this. Have you seen vol.25’s other prints? Such fun illustrations!

Wooden Yellow House via MerrittHyde on Etsy
Wooden Yellow House via MerrittHyde on Etsy

I seem to have a theme going on this week. I love how that happens without me even realizing it or planning it out ahead of time.

Felted Acorns via Fairyfolk on Etsy

Felted Acorns via Fairyfolk on Etsy

I miss acorns. Florida is severely lacking in the towering oak department.

House facade at Old Kastro village in Sifnos island, Western Cyclades, Greece via Gargaro on FLickr

House facade at Old Kastro village in Sifnos island, Western Cyclades, Greece via Gargaro on Flickr

This Mediterranean house is so very bright and sunshine-y!

Citrus Baby Blanket Kit via the Purl Bee

Citrus Baby Blanket via The Purl Bee

I really like the fun, bold stripes on this baby blanket. There are other great striped color combos over at The Purl Bee.

Alright, back to Monday chores! The house looks like it’s enjoyed the weekend a little too much…

Meanwhile, while I’m cleaning up, you might like to read Monday’s Pretty Things from previous weeks.

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God led us to this oasis (August Photo Challenge: Day 1)

It’s AUGUST. I don’t know how something like that could have happened. Funny, the chatter today about Fall being just around the corner. It sure doesn’t feel that way here. The crickets’ dusk song hasn’t slowed; one chirp blends into the next with scarcely any time at all elapsed in between. The humid air is thick and unforgiving, holding up so much water it’s a wonder the clouds don’t come crashing down around our feet. My toenails are brightly painted orange – neon, not autumnal; more like sherbet than like maple leaves. The inside of the car is scorching, and the seats burn our summer legs as we climb in.

This is not the crunchy and dry California summer. This is not the verdant green, sweatshirt-clad Midwest summer. But this is our summer. Our summer, and we are peaceful. God led us to this oasis, this palm-tree laden land where our table is filled with food, where the pool is clean and refreshing and ours to enjoy, where the row of windows in the living room look out over roads and into the sky, and not into other windows.

Sometimes, it’s hard to see that this is an oasis. Our families are thousands of miles away. I do not have friends here to laugh with, friends to share a summer afternoon with. I get lost trying to find simple places like the post office. The street signs are all unfamiliar. It is hard, sometimes. Hard to be so far away from what used to be home.

But mostly, somehow, I am peaceful.

God saw what was going on with Israel. God understood. (Exodus 2:25 MSG)

Self portrait - leather couch, sheepskin, sitting on floor - Photo a Day - August Photo Challenge

Image: Day One (Self Portrait) of the August Photo Challenge.

Life in Photos

Guacamole, anyone?

I keep looking at this avocado we bought at the Farmer’s Market yesterday. I can’t help it. It’s the biggest avocado I’ve ever seen in my life! Maybe this is old hat to Floridians, but in all my trips to good ol’ Denios in California, I’ve never encountered an avocado of such Biblical proportions. I felt a little like Caleb and Joshua, coming back from Canaan with those ginormous grapes.

I can already taste it with a little bit of tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, lime & sea salt. YUM.

Gina and Aveline with Florida avocado

Florida avocado size compared to hand

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Your Summer Photo Favorites!

When I put out the call for your favorite summer photos, fellow Floridian Drea of Ohdeardrea sent me these absolutely gorgeous shots. (They were actually taken in winter, but shhhh…don’t tell. It’ll be our secret.)

Ohdeardrea - Summer Photo Favorite - Marlowe and Drea at Beach

Ohdeardrea - Summer Photo Favorite - Marlowe on beach

Now how absurdly cute are Emma and Spencer? Their dad, Aaron Klein, is always tweeting the adorable things these two say. I especially love what Aaron writes about orphan care and adoption.

Aaron Klein - Favorite Summer Photo -

And finally, my coffee-drinking pal Dina sent me this shot of her fiancé, saying, “My sweet man can sleep anywhere, as well as multitask; slumber whilst petting the pooch.” She doesn’t have a blog, but she is planning a wedding and curating her (stunning!) wedding inspiration over on Pinterest.
Dina Kader - Favorite Summer Photo

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s Room (and her newest Felted Owl!)

Good morning! We’re way overdue for a little sneak peek at Aveline’s room, right? I don’t think I’ve posted any pictures of it since we moved to Florida.

I recently won this adorable little handmade felted owl from a BlissFull Essence / Evenswood Owlbums giveaway. Isn’t he ridiculously cute?  I told Christine I’d send her photos of the little fellow in his new home, and I thought I’d share them with you as well.

We seem to be amassing a collection of owls, which I am totally okay with. (Remember the hand-appliqued owl onesie?)

Handmade Felted Owl from BlissFull Essence / Evenswood Owlbums (Urban Outfitters Plush Owlets in the background) - Oaxacaborn - Aveline's room

Here’s the little owl on top of Aveline’s dresser next to Lotta from Charlie and Lola and some Urban Outfitters Owlets (no longer in stock). I don’t remember where we purchased the plush lemur.

Aveline hasn’t officially moved into her room yet (her crib is still next to our bed), so her room doubles as a guest space. My mom handmade the gorgeous duvet cover you see below.

Oaxcaborn - Felted Owl in Aveline's room along with Charlie and Lola Lotta doll and Urban Outfitters plush owlets - sun shining through green curtains onto quilt

We love textiles and books around here! My mother-in-law made this beautiful quilt — you can usually find out on our living room floor with a little Aveline on top of it.

Felted Owl on stack of children's books on wooden chair with handmade quilt on back of chair-Oaxacaborn-Aveline's room
I’d love to see how you’ve decorated your little ones’ spaces — if you have a blog post about it, leave the link in the comments!


WANTED: Your Summer Photo Favorites

Summer Photo Favorites - Have a Favorite Summer Photo? Send it to Oaxacaborn!

You might have seen my tweets about this…Oaxacaborn is looking for YOUR favorite summer photo! It could be a photo you took, or one someone else snapped of you, or even an amazing shot you spotted on the internet (with appropriate credit, of course). I’ll showcase these images in a special Summer Photo Favorites mini-series here on the blog.

You’re already thinking of a specific photo, aren’t you? One that just screams “summer”? Well then, wait no longer — send it on over to oaxacaborn (at) gmail (dot) com. You can include a link to your blog too, if you’d like, but that’s not required.

I can’t wait to see what summer looks like through your lens!

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Aveline’s First Swim (30 Day June Photo Challenge – Days 19 & 20 – Summertime & Water)

It’s easy to complain about the weather. Yes, even in Florida, I am ashamed to say that I complain.

It’s too hot.

It’s too humid.

Granted, the humidity is pretty suffocating (83% humidity at 9 am; forecasted high of 98° with heat index of 105°), but when you think about it?  It’s actually kind of extremely ridiculous to complain. I mean, we’re living in a destination city. People pay money to come here. They pay money to experience what I take for granted.

So what would it look like if I stopped comparing Florida to California and started treating Florida as if I was on vacation here? Well, it would probably look a little bit like this:

Baby Aveline sitting on a chaise lounge near the pool

Baby Aveline in pink calico dress and white eyelet lace sunhat

No diving sign next to pool

Florida palm trees, clouds and rooftops

Baby Aveline's first swim in the pool

Beautiful, isn’t it?

This weekend was Aveline’s first time swimming.It was so beautiful to watch as the uncertain look on her face faded away and was replaced with a contented smile.

As she happily splashed, I thought, Lord, let me jump in to Florida. Wash away my uncertainty and let me trust your arms to hold me up so I will not sink.