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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: The Way Bodega Bay Makes Me Feel

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January 2013 - Aveline and I at Bodega Bay in California

January 2013 - Aveline eats a picnic lunch on the beach in winter

Gina taking photos at Bodega Bay at sunset

The California coast always makes my heart soar.

There’s something so special about
those cliffs and
that icy water and
the way the sky changes color every minute.

Liz, who blogs beautifully at Yellow Finch, was kind enough to post more of my words about the way Bodega Bay makes me feel.

Life in Photos, Poetry & Words

30 Day June Photo Challenge – Day 8 – Sunset

30 Day June Photo Challenge - Day 8 - Sunset - Florida palm trees and sun flare

I missed yesterday’s photo (high angle shot). I lovingly blame a growth-spurting Aveline, who went on a sleep strike and ate hourly for fifteen hours. So you can imagine I’m quite glad to see tonight’s photo, a setting sun. It means bedtime is right around the corner. For how napless my bebe is, she lays her little head down obediently every single night and falls right asleep.

And every single night, I marvel at how incredibly blessed I am and how rich our life is. Like right now, for instance. Aveline is sitting on my lap, holding on to a wash cloth in one hand and beating on the desk with her other hand. She says, “Ahhh. Hahhh. Ahhh. Gahh. Eeeehaa.” while looking over at Josiah, who is sitting next to me clicking away at his computer. I think she’s singing along with Cary Brothers, who is softly crooning, “There is something about you baby so right / I wouldn’t be here without you baby tonight / If ever our love was concealed / No one can say that we didn’t feel a million things / And a perfect dream of life.”

Josiah gets up, walks into the kitchen and switches the light on. I hear the clink of dishes as he unloads the dishwasher. Aveline drops the washcloth to the floor and sticks her tiny foot up on the desk between my hands, still babbling away in her precious little voice.

“You’re the secret I keep, I just wanna be the one, I just wanna sing this song with you.”

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