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LITTLE STYLE :: Watching Ants…and Making Harem/Genie Pants

The other night, Aveline’s energy was just too much for the four walls of the house to contain. So we went for a walk at sunset.

She watched ants. Toddler watching ants on sidewalk

She poked them. Handmade toddler harem genie pants

And then she danced home at her papa’s side.

(P.S. Her harem/genie/HAMMERTIME! pants that I was tweeting about last week are a modification of this pattern from Pretty Bobbins. I added several inches to the legs to make them full-length pants, and extended the pattern all around to increase the size.)

Handmade, Little Style

Aveline’s New Simple White Dress

After looking at all those beautiful early 1900’s baby clothes in yesterday’s post, I was determined to cross “sew Aveline a dress” off my list of creative goals.

I traced one of Aveline’s dresses onto paper, then used that paper as a pattern/guide to create this new dress. My mom had given me the white cotton, and I already had the daisy fabric (it was a little remmant I found on a sale rack). It’s a little summery, I know; but we live in Florida, so we’ll definitely still be wearing white after Labor Day.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! (Just please don’t inspect the stitching too closely.) As a very beginning sewer, this a big accomplishment to me — even though it might seem like no big deal the sew-my-family’s-entire-wardrobe-while-grinding-flour-from-the-wheat-berries-I-just-harvested types. ;-)

Aveline in a handmade white cotton baby dress with daisy trim

Baby in vintage-inspired dress handmade from white cotton

Aveline in handmade vintage-inspired mod dress in white cotton with daisy trim

Inspiration, Little Style

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop :: [Baby] Vintage

Today is my first time linking up with the weekly Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop. Gussy Sews is hugely inspirational to me — she’s a Michigan girl living in the Twin Cities, who, after teaching herself to sew just three years ago, now runs a very successful handmade business! Each week she chooses a theme for the Inspiration Workshop, and bloggers everywhere participate by sharing their interpretation of that theme. Gussy says,

This week’s prompt is vintage. Do you have a favorite vintage piece of clothing or accessory? How about a favorite vintage shop? Or is there an old car you admire? The possibilities are endless…

Alrighty, then! Let’s get started. No big surprise that I’m interpreting vintage with a baby flair, right?

Reproduction of Vintage 1930s Girl’s White Cotton Dress

I’m especially drawn to the simple designs from the early 1900’s — the ’10s, ’20s, and ’30s. In fact, a very talented friend handmade Aveline a gorgeous little garment fashioned after a 1930’s dress.

Entire Dress - Vintage-Inspired 1930s Girls Dress Reproduction copy

Hem Detail - Vintage-Inspired 1930s Girls Dress Reproduction copy

Shoulder - Vintage-Inspired 1930s Girls Dress Reproduction

Isn’t it lovely? It won’t fit her until she’s a little older, so until then it’s displayed on the wall in her room.

Vintage 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s Baby Dresses and Rompers

I just love old baby clothes. Have you ever browsed the Belle Heir website? It’s so easy to get lost amongst all the pretty vintage baby things. This 1935 number even has the same kind of pintucks as Aveline’s dress!

1935 cotton batiste dress with embroidery and pintucks via belle heir vintage

Here’s a linen romper from 1910 — such delicate embroidery! (That blue section you see around the goose is cross-stitched.)

bluegoose c 1910 linen baby romper via belle heir vintage

Don’t you just love the black stitching on this 1930s peach gauze dress?

peach cotton gauze 1930 baby dress via belle heir vintage

I like the subtle addition of color with the striped placket on this 1930s linen dress.

Linen Stripe Vintage baby Dress 1930 via Belle Heir Vintage

Another 1910-era cotton romper.

Cotton Romper 1910 via Belle Heir Vintage - Baby

Vintage 1930s Knitting Patterns

It’s fun to imagine the little people who wore these outfits. The photographs on vintage patterns, like these 1930s Bairns-Wear Knitting Wools pieces from the Vintage Knitting Lady, give a little peek into what the wee girls and boys might have looked like. I gotta admit the recurring appearance of nuns made me giggle.

Bairns-Wear Knitting Wools 1930s Pram Set

Bairns-Wear Knitting Wools 1930s Babies' Cardigan

Bairns-Wear Knitting Wool

Bairns-Wear Knitting Wools 1940s Sunsuit

Bairns-Wear Modern Baby Wear Knitting Vintage

Now I’m completely and totally inspired to make Aveline a dress like I mentioned in my creative goals for the remainder of 2011. Off to look through my stack of fabric!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

My Creative Goals for the Remainder of 2011


I thought I’d share a few creative goals with you. This is what I hope to accomplish over the next four months. I’ll keep you updated on my progress as I work through the list!

  • Reach 15 hat/headband sales on Etsy by the end of the year (5 down, 10 more to go!)
  • Finish making the curtains for our master bedroom (2 down, 1 more to go!)
  • Sew high chair cushion (I already have the fabric! It’s a great black and white print which will coordinate beautifully with the black IKEA Blåmes highchair).
  • Sew a dress and bonnet/sunhat for Aveline (My mom gave me the patterns, fabric, thread, trim…seriously, I have no excuse)
  • Begin selling natural-fiber baby hats on GreenByUSA (I’ve already started creating these)

Alright, September, I’m ready for you!


Pretty Little Flowers

Oaxacaborn on Etsy - Making Fabric Flowers for Skinny Elastic Headbands

Oaxacaborn on Etsy - Making Fabric and Felt Flowers for Skinny Elastic HeadbandsIt’s naptime, so this is happening now — a delightful little mess on my table. The Etsy store launch is getting closer and closer!  I’m surrounded by a heap of fabric scraps, elastic headbands, feathers, thread and yarn. [Update: Oaxacaborn on Etsy is live! I love making these whimsical creature hats & boho headbands.]

In the background, Coldplay’s single, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall, is playing softly. Who else is super excited for the October release of their newest album?!

Inspiration, Little Style

products i love: etsy shop ‘strawberry poppins’

how cute is this little handmade dress from the darling etsy shop strawberry poppins? the only thing better than these amazing clothes is the reason why marie has started this shop. (the excerpt below is directly from her etsy bio) —

In January 2012, my family and i will be moving to Moldova, Eastern Europe. Moldova is the poorest European country and our desire is to serve the people there. 90% of sales will go towards our moving costs, flights, living expenses, etc. Additionally, 10% of sales will go to another cause very dear to our hearts – – orphan care and awareness. Please visit www.hopetakesroot.com if you are interested in learning more about this cause. [read more]

Pillowcase Dress for little girls - Strawberry Poppins on Etsy(image via strawberry poppins on etsy)


a solution for all those leftover skeins of yarn: the granny stripe blanket

you know those odd lengths of yarn that are left over after you finish a knit or crochet project? the 1/8ths of a skein which aren’t quite big enough to make anything out of? i’ve got a whole basket of those.

so, i’ve started a crochet project that will probably take the rest of my life to finish. i blame ali from snipsnaphappy and michelle from scissor quirk for this new obsession: creating a giant (and i do mean giant) blanket from all those yarn remnants. this blanket is over 60 inches wide, and when complete, will cover an entire full-size mattress.

Crochet Granny Stripe Blanket/Afghan - made from various leftover yarn remnants and scraps - acrylic, wool, cotton

there’s just one problem. it’s way too addicting! i couldn’t put it down yesterday.

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