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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Surrender, Flamingos, and Aveline’s Cameo on Disney Baby

It’s taken me two years , but I’m finally accepting Florida for what it is. Funny, isn’t it, that along with the peaceful surrender and acceptance there comes a realization of (And yes, I am embarrassed to admit it took me this long. I’m a stubborn soul, and not proud of it.)

Flamingos in Florida via Oaxacaborn copy

Group of Flamingos in Florida via Oaxacaborn

Flamingo sleeping via Oaxacaborn

Flamingos in Florida via Oaxacaborn

Aveline, on the other hand, knows nothing of this hesitation. She’s such an example to me. Aveline teaches me how life is meant to be lived: loudly, fearlessly, with an utterly joyful abandon. Like the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, she’s not worried about tomorrow.
Toddler getting doused with water via Oaxacaborn

Toddler splashing at Sea World via Oaxacaborn

Toddler happily yelling at splashpad via Oaxacaborn

Toddler yelling in joy at water park via Oaxacaborn

She’s not worried about anything.

She’s a picture of who I want to be in this life: hands outstretched, head thrown back, full of pure unadulterated joy, eyes pointed up and heavenward, fearing nothing on this earth and giving all the glory to Jesus.

P.S. A big welcome and hello to new readers who found this blog via Aveline’s photo appearing in Disney Baby’s What Baby Wore! It’s an honor and I must say, this wee ol’ blog appearing alongside bloggers I so admire is a little crazy to me! Thank you Living on Love for including me.

Life in Photos, Poetry & Words

WRITING & WORDS :: I’d like to rest my heavy head tonight / On a bed of California stars

Having a snack at sea world in May 2012

I’m tired. I’d like to rest my heavy head tonight on a bed of California stars. But around here, lately, when we’re awake and not falling asleep standing up, we’ve been…

…taking advantage of our Sea World passes.

Aveline and Josiah at Sea World

Aveline reading the Sea World map upsidedown

I’ve also been…

…blogging for Babiekins.
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Get the Look: When Stella was Very Very Small

…fetching food from grocery stores, getting said food home amidst the rainy season downpours whilst attempting to maintain the toddler’s sanity as well as my own.

…somehow managing to cook food into edible, if not somewhat burnt, things. (Rinse and repeat.)

Aveline eating burnt toast

…running around in the sweltering humidity to take photos of Aveline (think of it as hot yoga + aerobics). She is a Mini Socialite at Mudpies & Fairytales this week!

…celebrating the launch of Missile Monkey, an iOS game/app designed and produced by Josiah and his dad (the excitement around here has been crazy! This is the culmination of more than a year and half’s worth of work! If you’ve already downloaded it, we’d love it if you’d rate it as well.)

Banner to celebrate the release of Missile MOnkey iOS indie game

…scheduling posts for Summer Vacation Tour, the virtual travel series which will launch here later this month. Paris, London & more!

…fixing a bridesmaid dress fiasco, in which a dress ordered months upon months ago never arrived.

…serving as a loungy-type piece of furniture for a certain small person. (You can find the sewing tutorial for her toddler harem shorts here.)

Aveline lounging on me

…not sleeping, courtesy of the same certain small person.

…rewashing clean laundry, again due to the same small person.

…supervising the multiple baths needed per day to keep small person acceptably tidy.

Now, if you’ll pardon me as I fall asleep to this beautiful song (a Wilco cover of a Willie Nelson number).