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POETRY & WORDS :: Public, Private, Charter, Home…Oh My!


Menagerie on Toddler's Desk

Seashells, brown and green bottles, twine, and an antique tray


Lace, Roses and Coffee Hearts

Aveline’s growing up. I can see it in this photo, especially. She is just 3 months away from 3 years old.

And suddenly, I’m thinking about school, an aspect of life I thought was further away than it actually is.

School is a complex topic, isn’t it? It’s a bigger issue than I can delve into in one blog post. Both Josiah and I were home schooled from PreK-12.  For me, home schooling was a positive journey, and I am thankful for the experiences it brought me. (My parents’ story of why they choose to educate me at home is a unique one. We were living in communist Europe at the time, and they didn’t wish to send me to Karl Marx Elementary.)

There really isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Every child is so different. Every living situation is different. Everyone has different school options at their disposal. And the reality is, there are good and bad things about every kind of schooling; whether it’s public, charter, private, at-home, or some combination thereof.

As Aveline gets older, Josiah and I are talking a lot about what kind of school experience we’d like her to have. 

What about you? What was your school experience like as a child? If you have children, what decisions have you made about your children’s education?