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How to Study Art History with Kids: FREE Printable

How to Study Art History with Kids: FREE Printable from the Oaxacaborn blog

Figuring out how to study art with kids doesn’t have to be complicated. This free, no-strings-attached printable provides art history discussion prompts you can use with any piece of art you encounter in your homeschool studies.

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FREE St. Patrick’s Day Printable Mini Biography and Unit Study Resources

FREE St. Patrick's Day Printable Mini Biography and Unit Study Resources

Looking for an easy-to-read mini biography of Saint Patrick for kids K-3, and a quick Irish music and art study for Saint Patrick’s Day?

If you’ve seen my #oaxacabornarthistory posts on Instagram, you know I teach a first grade class every week at our local homeschool co-op. When I create co-op lesson plans for my art history class, I often write simple one-page overviews of whichever artist or topic we’re studying. These PDFs hand-outs contain kid-friendly information and are easy to read aloud, since they’re written in a conversational style geared toward kindergarten through about third grade.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, so we’re veering a little off the normal art history path to talk about Ireland and the life of Saint Patrick.

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CHRISTMAS :: Printable ‘Made by Joel’ Paper City Nativity Scene


If you need me, I’ll be printing out this amazing paper nativity scene for Aveline to “color-color”. Thanks, Made by Joel!

[UPDATE: She loves it! Please excuse the sloppy, out-of-the-lines job I did with the scissors. She was quite literally climbing up my person while I was cutting the shapes out.]Aveline's version of the Made by Joel Paper Nativity