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thoughts on a cloudy and tired january morning [& a whimsical embroidered onesie]

it’s cloudy this morning. a touch of grey fog, quiet and calm. the dampness clings to the long slender shoots of grass and wraps around the tired oak fingers. the earth seems to sigh, and the clouds heavily roll along, lumbering, as if even they are too tired to take another celestial step. the occasional hum of a passing vehicle sounds far away and distant, the sound too weary to cut through the morning grey. inside, the dog rests his furry head between his paws, his eyes half open and lifted, watching me as a he fights a losing battle to stay awake.

me? in keepin’ with the situation, i try to eat my cereal with a fork. i feel clumsy, sleepy, already ready for a nap.

i wonder how much longer it will be before baby girl makes her debut. today we’re just three days away from 40 weeks.

closeup of embroidered girl design on white baby shirt - with vintage rikrak/rickrack

closeup macro shot of turquoise and pink vintage rickrack pinned to a green and white background

macro photograph of embroidered whimsical little girl - taken with canon 58mm 250D

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Handmade, Little Style

tiny sewing projects, and baby adventures

it’s only wednesday, but so far it’s been a lovely and busy week-between-christmas-and-the-new-year!

now that all the christmas crocheting is done (hats for everyone!), i was able to finally finish this sweater for sweet little baby. i think i might like it even more than the first tiny sweater i made.
handmade crochet simple baby sweater - variegated green with brown buttons

this week, i’m about to make the leap into sewing…with an actual sewing machine. (thank you, grandma, for such an awesome christmas gift!) i’ve got the most darling fabric all washed and ready to go. tiny little baby dress, i think you’ll be my first project. you know, after i’ve learned to properly thread the machine. perhaps it would be a good thing to read the instruction manual, as my twitter friend lottie pointed out. ;-) in any case, i’m really looking forward to this new sewing adventure.

not that we’re short on adventures around here. i mean, we’re about to add another real live person to our family. eeee! i had my 38 week checkup a few days ago, and looks like baby is still very much content to stay where she is. (it doesn’t feel like she’s very content where she is, though! pressing up against my tailbone isn’t really the most comfortable of places. =P) my doctor doesn’t think baby will make an appearance any time before next year.  my due date is still 12 days away. but who’s counting? who’s paying attention to all this heartburn and nerve pain and random contractions?

it’s all becoming so.very.real.

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Life in Photos

apparently, there is no medical billing code for eating real food

is it just me, or does my fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice look like pepto-bismol? i’m going with a resounding yes.

hot quinoa cereal and fresh squeezed pink grapefruit juice - in white dishes and blue dishes on black background

this was part of my breakfast this morning. no, my breakfast doesn’t always look like that, but it was the protocol for the postprandial one-hour glucose study. (how’s that for a mouthful?!) my favourite part of the morning was how incredibly confused the lab was about my eating real food instead of drinking glucola. apparently there isn’t a proper medical billing code for eating real food.

that just makes me laugh.

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Poetry & Words

of cedarwood, acorns, and being 30 weeks

it smells sweetly of cedarwood inside these walls, cedarwood intermingled with the invigorating scents of eucalyptus and tea tree oil. such is the unintended result of a having discovered a few jumpy fleas on the little dog. it was doggie spa, last night, with freshly laundered dog beds and toys and blankets, and a long soapy doggie scrubdown in the tub. he’s a pile of fluffiness today, a little walking diffuser of cedarwood oil.

outside, there are various engine rumbles and engine stalls, alternating between a sputtering and a roar without any sort of pattern or rythmn. little dog reacts with a muffled cross between a bark and a sigh. the oak trees stubbornly cling to their leaves, hesitant to drop even one aged and crumbling leaf. the acorns, on the other hand, eagerly leap down, one after another, until the patio rings with their staccato descent to freedom.

the sample ballot lies open beside me.  tiny little ovals ask for my yes or no, and i get lost in the pros and cons.

inside my womb, our little girl stretches and turns and kicks. she pushes up against my hand resting across my stomach, as if to say hello.  i smile. it’s hard to believe it has already been 30 weeks.  only 10 weeks to go.

i can’t wait to meet you, little girl!!

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Glucose Tolerance Drink Ingredients, and Alternatives to the Standard Gestational Diabetes Screening

I’ve had the hardest time trying to track down the ingredients of the glucose tolerance drink for gestational diabetes screening! (I have several food allergies, including corn, so I wasn’t just going to blindly drink whatever the lab employee handed to me).

After a few phone calls and some waiting on hold, I finally was able to get the lab headquarters (Quest Diagnostics) to tell me exactly what’s in the glucose tolerance drink. I thought I’d share in case anyone else is looking for the ingredients list.

Orange/Fruit Punch/Lemon Lime flavors:

  • Dextrose from corn
  • Citric Acid from corn
  • Natural Flavoring corn
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Yellow #6
  • Purified Water

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