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i don’t know about you, but i think she’s pretty cute.

Newborn girl in lime green IKEA Somnat crib with black and white damask crib sheet and Charlie & Lola Lotta doll and bebe garland



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Poetry & Words

for now, i want to stay

just a little preview of an upcoming project… (remember the pendant inspiration i blogged about last month?)

pendant flags

now back to the laundry and the dishes. (why do these two things multiply so quickly? and it’s only the dirty piles that grow. the clean piles never, ever do.)Β  but, it’s ok. the dog is snoozing, my husband is working on an art test, and the music of josh rouse fills the house. a rather peaceful november night.

I know somewhere there is a party going down.
Interesting people; conversation to be found.
I’ve lived in cities where there is no solitude
Made some friends there that I hope I’ll never lose.
But, for now, I want to stay in this quiet town. -Josh Rouse


green and orange bunting/pendants::a collection of fotos found on flickr

as promised, here’s a quick round-up of bunting+pendant+garland inspiration. have a lovely weekend, everyone!

bright retro bunting flags or pennants via pamwares on flickr
via pamwares on flickr
green newspaper bunting via jek in the box on flickr
via jek in the box on flickr

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