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Paper star DIY

I’m happy to introduce you to Linda, the talented and design-savvy owner of a London-based Scandinavian house & home shop called Bo Nordica. (Have a browse, it’s lovely!) Linda graciously sent over this post to share with you. If you’ve been an observant reader of the Bo Nordica blog for some time, you may recognize it — for everyone else, enjoy this beautiful star DIY, originally from the Home by Linn blog. I can never get enough paper stars, can you?

Make Your Own Paper Stars Decorations

Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. Over the years, the fondest memories I have of Christmas do not include expensive purchases, but precious moments spent with family and friends.

I grew up on a farm near Stavern, a coastal town in the South East of Norway. Every year my father would take the family out in search of the perfect Christmas tree from the woods surrounding our farm. When we returned home my sisters and I would spend hours making paper stars and paper hearts to adorn the tree and decorate our home.

This is just one of our family traditions that made Christmas extra special..

This week I made paper star decorations with my children. I found these paper star instructions on the fantastic Home By Linn website. Why not give them a try?

DIY Paper Christmas Stars

You will need: paper, scissors, pencil and ruler.

1. The star is made up of of 8 paper squares – so you need to start by cutting these out. To save time you can make a thin cardboard square template – draw around it and cut out. I made my squares 10cm x 10cm. Position the square in front of you with one of the tips pointing towards you. Make a fold diagonally down the middle to make a crease, then unfold paper.

2. Fold each corner to the centre so the tip meets the middle line.

3. Fold again as shown in picture (See the Home by Linn post).

4. Fold the top triangle parallel along the little triangle below. Unfold and make a fold on the opposite side.

5. You have now made a cross. Then turn it around.

6. Make sure it looks the same as it does in the photo! Take the bottom pointy end and fold it to the left along the line that you made before you turned it around.

7. Now this is the tricky bit… You should have a small triangle on top of a large triangle. The large triangle has a line down the middle – fold down the middle along the line. The little triangle should now be bending a little. Fold the little triangle and follow the line from the cross you made earlier.

8. This is what it should look like. It should be easier the second time around.

9. Practice makes perfect… You have to make 8 of these

10. Now for the assembly… Insert the small triangle behind the ‘flaps’ of the large triangle. Do not tighten too hard at first as it will be difficult to assemble the last one. Tighten when they are all connected. Pull the tips carefully one by one. Voila! You have a paper star. You can make an assortment of these in different sizes, colours and patterns.

I hope you enjoy giving these a try. And don’t forget to let me know how you get on!

Until next time,
Linda xoxo

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