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LITTLE STYLE :: Yup, that’s my California-born baby

Aveline wearing top from Lately, Lily and leggings from Tea Collection c-o Wittlebee for the Babiekins Magazine blog

Oh, she’s a happy little girl.

(See more photos here.)

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30 Day Photo Challenge – Day 4 – Clouds

30 Day Photo Challenge - Day 4 - Clouds - Central Florida palm tree against the sky - Taken with a polarizing lens filter

This was an interesting frame to capture, because the Florida afternoon sunlight is ridiculously bright today. I couldn’t see anything on my digital screen, and facing into the sun meant I couldn’t see anything through the viewfinder, either. I took a series of blind shots — some using a polarizing lens filter and some without. I ended up selecting this one, shot with the polarizing filter, which I really love. It has an almost film-like feel to it, don’t you think? Ah, the days of analog. I think I’d like to start shooting with film again.

[As always, click photo to view a larger version.]

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my new florida views – palm trees and a smiling baby

my gorgeous view this morning–er, afternoon. east coast time, you are still confusing me! little miss aveline just loves her sheepskin rug from IKEA. (the RENS is shown; it’s fabulous quality for just under $25.)

The many faces of baby Aveline - on an IKEA RENS sheepskin rug

and speaking of views, how amazing is this ridge of palm trees?! we can see it from the master bedroom as well as through the windows on one side of the great room. the palm trees are transformed into stunning silhouettes each evening, as the sun sets directly behind them.

ridge of palm trees in Orlando

i’d share some photos of the apartment’s interior, but stacks of boxes still abound at every turn. but may i just pause to mention that i now have a dishwasher? and indoor laundry?

i’m way too excited about these appliances luxuries.

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