Monday's Pretty Things


You know what’s better than Monday’s Pretty Things? Monday’s Pretty Things on a WEDNESDAY! The week is already half-over, and we’re well on our way to Easter. I can’t wait!

(I want to make eat those little bunny cookies.)

SS13 ORANGE CUTEBOYS CLARKS DESERT BOOTS via Eley Kishimoto as seen on Monday's Pretty Things on Oaxacaborn dot com
Desert Boots via Eley Kishimoto

Easter Rabbit cookies via Virgnie Jolie-The Happy AppleRabbit cookies via Virginie Jolie/The Happy Apple on Flickr

The Cranky Princess by Heather RossThe Cranky Princess via Heather Ross

Linen Quilt via Pony Rider
Linen Quilt via Pony Rider

Bunny by Elina Lorez as seen on Oaxacaborn dot comBunny via Elina Lorez

Pan American World Airlines - Mexicana de Aviacion - Oaxaca Mexico Travel Poster from 1960s as seen on Oaxacaborn dot comOaxaca Mexico Travel Poster from 1960s via Old Imprints

P.S. Even more Monday’s Pretty Things.

Life in Photos

A Little Tour of a Corner of our Home

Striped Curtains in Wind, Orange Paper Lantern, Orange Mirror
Since I finally finished sewing the third striped curtain, I thought I’d share the completed room. We only moved in at the end of February…it’s about time, right?

Black, White, Red and Orange Bedroom

Keep Calm, Milo Berries, Noferin, Matryoshka

The dried milo berries are from our wedding. Our centerpieces — large hurricane lamps — contained tiny bouquets of milo berries sticking out of black sand. The berries were also scattered around at the end of the aisle, instead of flower petals.Headbands Oaxacaborn on Etsy, Aveline's First Stocking

Aveline’s first little stocking, and a few of the headbands in my shop. I’m SO looking forward to Aveline’s first Christmas!

Life in Photos

“Pick an orange, children!”

More than a decade ago, during an extended-family vacation to Florida, we stopped at an orange grove on the way to the ocean. Rather than gathering around an orange tree for a photo opp like my Michigan Grandma wanted, we cousins were running every which way. In an effort to round us up, she kept repeating, “Pick an orange, children! Pick an orange!” It was chaotic at the time, and honestly not very funny at all.  But once parts of the family had moved to places like California and Florida, where orange groves aren’t exactly exotic, the “Pick an orange” situation grew comical and became a family joke.

So, here’s Uncle Chet in Grandma’s yard in Michigan, saying, “Pick an apple, Aveline! Pick an apple! No oranges here. Just apples.” I was laughing so hard.

Here’s to carrying on legendary family jokes to the next generation.

Great Uncle Chet holding Aveline, letting her pick a young apple off a tree in Caspian Michigan

Young apple on an apple tree in Michigan

My Dad (Grandpa "Bumpa" Jim) and his brother Chet with Aveline, holding a small Michigan apple Aveline had just picked off the tree


green and orange bunting/pendants::a collection of fotos found on flickr

as promised, here’s a quick round-up of bunting+pendant+garland inspiration. have a lovely weekend, everyone!

bright retro bunting flags or pennants via pamwares on flickr
via pamwares on flickr
green newspaper bunting via jek in the box on flickr
via jek in the box on flickr

More images after the jump: Continue reading “green and orange bunting/pendants::a collection of fotos found on flickr”

Life in Photos

interior design: orange and green bedroom

you’ve seen the ikea somnat crib we’re planning to get. below is a little collage of the vibrant colours the crib will be joining.

and stay tuned, because next up on the blog, i’ll be posting another in the ongoing series ::a collection of fotos found on flickr:: this time it will be all about (orange and green!) bunting and pendants, since i’ll soon be putting brush and scissors to paper to make a string or two myself!

orange, green and black and white damask baby and master bedroom decor

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