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POETRY & WORDS :: The Oaxaca in my Mailbox

 Beautiful Oaxaca embroidered blouse and embroidered coin purse wallet - Textiles from Oaxaca Mexico  Beautiful Oaxaca embroidered coin purse wallet - Textiles from Oaxaca Mexico

You never know when kindness might really, really touch somebody’s heart.

It’s been a long week. But today when I swung past the mail boxes on the way home, there was a package waiting for me. A package of goodies from Oaxaca. 

You guys, I’ve never even met Grethel, the sweet lady who sent these to me. We’ve exchanged messages about our mutual love for Oaxaca — she is from there, and visits each year — but we haven’t met in person.

When I opened up this package today and saw the beautiful tangible pieces of Oaxaca inside,  my eyes filled with tears. (Oh, thank you, Grethel!) It’s funny how a place becomes a part of you, even when you haven’t been back in years heaped upon years.

And it’s funny how home isn’t a single place. It’s funny how home is really composed of many individual threads, all separate yet interwoven, all tied up together in one beautiful and sometimes tangled tapestry.

“If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” -C.S. Lewis


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happy mother’s day

this year, with a little tiny daughter of my own, i truly say the words happy mother’s day with more conviction, awe and admiration than ever before. so, happy mother’s day, mom. you’re the best mum a girl could ever dream of.

1980s in Oaxaca, Mexico  mom & i, great grandma/pa, grandpa in oaxaca, mexico

1980s in Europe mom, dad, andy & me in europe. greece, maybe? i’m not quite sure.

Handmade, Little Style

Hand-embroidered, Japanese, and Mexican Baby Girl Clothes

It was deliciously cold this morning: 27 degrees. (Go ahead, you Midwesterners, laugh at me. But this IS California, after all.) I woke up to the little dog curled up tightly in his bed…and my husband outside in shirt sleeves and wet hair — taking photographs of ice and frost. Brrrr. Even the sunlight looked cold this morning…icy blue and shivering. I grabbed my camera too (well, eventually; after reveling in the warm covers for an rather lovely amount of time), but didn’t leave the warm house. No sirree bob. Instead, I stayed inside and took some photos of lovely baby clothes. Ohhhh, I can’t wait to put a tiny little human into these clothes!

Hand-embroidered onesie in progress

close-up macro detail photo of colorful abstract hand embroidery on white baby girls onesie

hand-embroidered white baby girl onesie - taken in front of white curtains and blue christmas garland in morning light

Infant sleep sack from Japan

close-up macro photo of detail on japanese baby girl outfit

japanese baby girl outfit, hanging in blue light in front of window and curtains

Little Girl’s Dress/Shirt from Oaxaca, Mexico

mexican little girl's embroidered shirt from oaxaca, mexico

mexican little girl's dress/shirt from oaxaca, mexico

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