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MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Scandinavian Christmas

UPDATE: Open call for guest posts for a brand-new Scandinavian Christmas blog series!

I think what I really like about this is the birch branch and the natural light from the window behind the garland. The colors in this photo made me think of Scandinavian design and Scandinavian Christmases — white, white, white with some natural elements and burst of bright color here and there.

Felt balls on string hung from birch branch - Felt Ball Cascade Kit via the ACME Party Box Company
Felt Ball Cascade Kit via the ACME Party Box Company

Frederikke Heiberg, a Danish photographer, captured Christmastime in a gorgeous seaside home in Rågeleje, Denmark. The following three photos were published in the Swedish magazine Lantliv. Aren’t they lovely?

Lantliv Magazine Frederikke Heiberg photo - Scandinavian Christmas

Lantliv Magazine Frederikke Heiberg photo - tablescape - Scandinavian Christmas

Lantliv Magazine Frederikke Heiberg photo - doorway - Scandinavian Christmas

Kjerstis Lykke, a Norwegian photographer and blogger, has a gorgeously simple and elegant home. When I see photos like this, I want to seriously clean and dejunk with a giant garbage bag in hand.

Fir tree with minimal decorations - Scandinavian Christmas from Norwegian blogger Kjerstis Lykke

As the owner of a tree which is wholly undecorated everywhere within the baby-toddler’s reach, I loved her rationale behind the minimalistic decorating —

Fir was in place yesterday, and it is not overloaded with lots of Christmas decorations. I have boxes of boxes with pretty beads in the poor man’s silver in the freezing attic, but with a 2 year old who cruise around in your living room on his bike, so they better in the cold;)? (Poorly translated by Google Translate; alas, I do not know Norwegian.)

Off to bemoan clutter and with a renewed resolve to dejunk,