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INSPIRATION :: Update on the Adoption Fundraising Auction (to be hosted on Mom’s Best Network!)

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Tina, my friend who’s adopting from Ethiopia, has been messaging me little updates as she moves along in the process, and let me tell you — my eyes have not been dry. I can’t share specifics, but God’s provision in every step has been nothing short of miraculous. God just keeps answering prayers. Part of me is in complete speechless awe, and part of me just says, “Yup, that’s my Jesus!”

While I can’t share the little personal details (the adoption is still mid-process), I can tell you Mom’s Best Network has generously agreed to host a fundraising auction for the Jensens! The auction will be held on the Mom’s Best Network Facebook page, May 1-6!

This is really big news, as the Mom’s Best Network platform will provide fantastic publicity and a far greater reach than I would be able to offer personally — it’s so thrilling and truly an answer to prayer!  There will be all kinds of fantastic items up for auction, and all proceeds will go to the Jensens — I encourage you to go like the page now so you don’t miss the auction when it happens!

Can I ask you to share this information with anyone you know who has a heart for adoption?

Or perhaps you’re a brand, a shop, or a handmade vendor, and you want to donate an item. It’s free publicity and link-back for you, and it’s EVERYTHING for one little child. You won’t even have to ship your item until later, when we contact you with the winning bidder’s shipment information.

Just email me (oaxacaborn at the following information:

• A photograph of the item(s) you wish to donate to the auction
• A brief description of the item(s)
• The starting bid amount(s) in $ USD (usually the retail value)
• Links to your Facebook page, website, and/or shop
• Your name and the best email address to reach you

(A few technical details — the bidding process will occur online, on the Mom’s Best Network Facebook page. Bids will be in the form of comments on the product photo. When the auction ends on May 6th, we will contact the winning bidder to obtain shipping information, and will then pass the mailing address on to you. And if you’d like to read more about the Jensen family, you can peruse their personal blog here.)

You guys, I’m believing that God will use this auction to provide far above and beyond what the Jensen’s need to complete this adoption. I know, I’m dreamin’ BIG here. But I believe. Tina was telling me yesterday, “I want to share with families that feel led that it [adoption] can be done even with our income. God provides so much and usually not the way you think!”

Let’s see what happens! Who else is excited?! Now let’s go share this post! ;)