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LITTLE STYLE :: Finnish Blogger MrsAgatha Guest Posts on Little Boy Style

Hello from Finland! My name is Sari and I write a blog called MrsAgatha. I’m 32 years old and a mother, a wife and also a step mom. My blog is mainly about kids fashion and my son who is 4½ years old.

Lovely Gina invited me to write a guest post here on my little boy’s style and I’m so happy to be here on Oaxacaborn today! Thank you Gina for the invite!

A guest post about little boys clothing by Mrs Agatha from Finland My son loves cars, animals and everything that has color green in it (he’s obsessed with this color!), he eats almost anything and is always very happy to try new things. I’m a lucky person to have this kid as my son since he’s one of the funniest, cutest and happiest kids I know (and yes, I might be a bit biased).

I love to buy clothes for him. He might have too many clothes but I always think that better too much than too little, don’t you agree! I can choose all his clothes since he doesn’t mind what he’s wearing and this is one of the things I love about him (just kidding, although it’s great to pick his clothes since if he was the one choosing, his clothes would be all green and have cars on them)! ;)

Our whole family dresses mostly in dark colors and we love clothes that have bit of ‘rock’ in them. So also my son’s wardrobe is full of black/dark grey clothes but there are also some ‘real’ colors! I’m not the one who plays with different kinds of accessories or believes in layering, I just choose him a shirt and a pair of pants and that’s it. Might be boring but I believe that with easy choices he is more comfortable to move around and do whatever he wants and it’s his personality that makes the outfit not the clothes! :)
A guest post about little boys clothing by Mrs Agatha from Finland
My favorite brands are Mini Rodini, Bobo Choses, Yporqué, Minti and Munster Kids. All of these brands have very unique designs and prints and these are the things that I look for in his clothes.

Here are some photos of the kiddo wearing our favorite things. Some of the photos are over 2 years old so his appearance is a bit different in those compared to the newer ones. You can also see me in some of the pictures!
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