Scandinavian Summer

What is Midsommar, Noc Kupały, and Juhannus?

midsommar midsommarafton via mokkasin
Image Credit: Midsommarafton [midsummer] via Mokkasin

One midsummer when I was probably eleven or so, I remember spending the weekend at my great-grandparents’ lakeside cabin in Upper Michigan. The scenery everywhere up there looks exactly like this, even though these photos are from Finland, and not Michigan. Fascinating, isn’t it, considering how many Nordic immigrants settled in the Upper Peninsula?

Brett Seward
Image Credit: Sweden in summer by Brett Seward

That weekend, in between carving my name in the paper-white bark of birch trees, eating sour wild strawberries and floating in the cold lake, I remember the Finnish-language program Suomi Kutsuu playing on the little living room TV, showing what seemed like endless footage of a bonfire slowly burning in the middle of the lake. I didn’t put two and two together then — I wasn’t what you’d call an observant child — but I was at my great-grandparents’ place over Juhannus!  Although you might not know Juhannus by name, you probably know Swedish midsommar, and you most certainly know summer solstice.

Midsommar crown
Image Credit: Crown by Mendocino Floral Design via Style Me Pretty

In the northern US states of Michigan or Minnesota, both around latitude 46° N, the summer solstice marks a magically late sunset — no wonder I didn’t get much sleep that weekend! Can you imagine midsummer’s eve in Stockholm or Helsinki, at 60° N? Incredible, the daylight must stretch on forever! [As a comparison, Orlando is at 28.4° N, and Oaxaca, where I was born, is even further down at 16.9° N)

Midsummer traditions vary among different Northern European countries, but my favorites are the lake bonfires, or kokko, of Finnish Juhannus, the floral crowns of Swedish Midsommar, and the glittering floating lanterns of Poland’s Noc Kupały.

Although a sky full of lanterns or a water’s edge bonfire might be a bit hard to pull off where you live, you can still celebrate midsommar. Do you have plans this weekend? Maybe you’ll celebrate with a maypole and a Swedish smörgåsbord (pickled herring and dill potatoes!), or maybe you’ll gather flowers and make a pretty floral crown.

Or, maybe, your nod to the summer solstice will simply be tossing and turning, wishing you’d purchased blackout drapes. ;)

However you celebrate, god midsommar!

Monday's Pretty Things

MONDAY’S PRETTY THINGS :: Plants to Brighten the House

Monday's Pretty Things - Inspiration from Oaxacaborn
Plant display inside the Loose Leaf shop, via photographer Sean Fennessy for The Design Files

Greenery and sprouted things - Monday's Pretty Things - Inspiration from Oaxacaborn
Plants in pretty vases, via stylist Lotta Agaton and photographer Kristoffer Johnsson for Residence Magazine

Swedish wildflowers - Monday's Pretty Things - Inspiration from Oaxacaborn
Swedish wildflowers via Hilda’s Hem

Midsommar wreath of flowersMidsommar wreath of flowers via Bo Mimi

Spider Plant in bathroom shower_Web
Spider plant hanging from shower (my home).

Paper cranes hanging in the Suhka Amsterdam shop window

Oak tree growing in a jar of water - An-Magritt - Oaxacaborn
Oak growing in a jar of water via An-Magritt

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Scandinavian Summer

SCANDINAVIAN SUMMER :: Call for Midsummer-themed contributions!

MIDSUMMER BLOG PARTY! Let's celebrate Swedish tradition. Want to contribute? Email Oaxacaborn!

I’m running a little behind on this, but what do you think? Can we pull off a Midsummer [blog] party in time? I’m thinking something in the spirit of the Scandinavian Christmas series — but all Midsummer! If you have photos, blog posts from past summers, traditions, crafts, resources or anything else Midsummer-related to share, email me oaxacaborn I can’t wait!

Image credit: Jason Florio for The New York Times

Scandinavian Summer

SCANDINAVIAN SUMMER :: Linnea’s Swedish Midsommar Celebration

3 - Swedish Midsommar celebration created by Linnea in the Capitol

Every winter, there’s a whole lotta Scandinavian and Nordic Christmas beauty on this blog. The Scandinavian Christmas series is one of my very favorite blog features — and, judging by the stats, it’s yours, too.

When lovely reader Linnea emailed me photos of her beautiful Swedish Midsommar celebration, I could hardly believe I never thought of having a Scandinavian Summer series as well!

While midsummer is already past, it’s not too late to celebrate, right? Not at all! I’ve just added a Scandinavian Summer category, so if you want to send me your summery photos, feel free! I might feature them. :)

Here’s how Linnea celebrated this year.

Midsommar celebration created by Linnea in the Capitol

5 - Swedish Midsommar celebration created by Linnea in the Capitol

2 - Midsommar celebration created by Linnea in the Capitol

4 - Swedish Midsommar celebration created by Linnea in the Capitol

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