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Etsy Shop Sneak Preview (30 Day June Photo Challenge – Day 21 – Macro)

30 Day June Photo Challenge - Day 21 - Macro Photo of Striped White and Black/Neon Hat

I’ve been making items for my Etsy shop which is set to open later this summer is open! You have it from a very good source…there will be are stripes. ;-)Β [Click photo to view a larger version.]

And did you hear? Oaxacaborn is now on Facebook! Head on over and give it a like, if you’re so inclined.


a disco christmas

yup, we have disco ball ornaments on our tree.Β  someday, we’re going to have a tree with white lights and disco balls and nothing else but silver ornaments. someday.

macro shot of mirrored disco ball ornament on a christmas tree

UPDATE: I’m excited to say that this photo is featured on the December 1st edition of Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration! Thanks to my hubby 26:PM who submitted it to the site without my knowing. =)