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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: One Little Monkey

Aveline jumping on the bed via Oaxacaborn

Happy Friday! What are your plans for this long Memorial Day weekend? I can’t say we’ve quite decided yet. I’d love to go to the beach, but I’m sure millions of other people have the same idea. :/ Although I am sure Aveline would be happy if I just let her wreak havoc on the furniture all weekend.

Tiger Tee: Cherokee for Target
Leggings: Circo for Target via the thrift store (ages and ages ago)

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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: My grapefruit-loving, hat-stealing toddler

Josiah and Aveline at Fountain - photo via the Oaxacaborn blog
We don’t get much of anything I’d call winter in this state, but right now the weather is cool enough to make it home from the Farmers’ Market with produce that’s still raw. Soon enough, the raw veg will inexplicably turn into steamed veg somewhere between the market and home.

The seasons here are so strange.

It’s technically winter now, but even after two years here I still have a hard time figuring out what’s considered a winter vegetable, what produce is best in spring, and what’s in season in the summer.

But it doesn’t take living here very long to discover the dirty little secret about Florida citrus: it really isn’t all that good. It’s true. Almost 90% of Florida’s citrus is grown for juice, not just for plain ol’ eatin’.
Toddler at Farmer's Market
But Aveline doesn’t care about any of that. She just wants grapefruit. Hands down, it’s her favorite fruit — she devours it in plain, peeled sections, without sugar.Toddler Style - Aveline in oversized beanie, scarf, and bag

My little grapefruit-lover is also somewhat of thief. She took that hat right off my head, saying sweetly, “Hat wear, mummy?” The scarf is also mine, but at least she pickpocketed it from my dresser, not my neck. “Scarf wear, mummy? I fi’ [find] scarf.”

I don’t mind. I have a daughter who shares my clothes. That’s pretty awesome!

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Serendipitous Granny Chic

Dolce & Gabbana Floral Intarsia Cardigan
Dolce & Gabbana Floral Intarsia Cardigan via Neiman Marcus

J Brand Jeans Floral Twill Skinny Jeans
J Brand Floral Twill Skinny Jeans via Neiman Marcus

Cole Haan Girls' City Chukka Bootie
Cole Haan Girls’ City Chukka Bootie via Bloomingdales

I started out looking at Target’s clearance section to see what kind of summer shoes* they had for Aveline (yes, I know it’s February, but someone forgot to tell Florida).

But the internet on Saturday night is a dangerous place, and before I knew it, I had fallen down Alice’s rabbit hole. When I looked up from the marvelous whirl of colors and patterns, I saw I’d pinned these three items to Pinterest, all in a row.

Very serendipitously granny chic for a little girl, don’t you think?

*Summer shoes? In the end, I couldn’t stray far from my heart: classic Salt Water sandals. Anyone have a pair of gently worn toddler size 6 Salt Waters they’d like to sell me? ;)

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Neutrals and Pattern Mixing

Little Style - Toddler Jeans and Cardi - Neutrals- via Oaxacaborn dot com
I love a good, neutral outfit for my girl. With the right shoes — she’d wear sparkly Converse with these — she still looks feminine, but (thankfully!) doesn’t look like a Disney princess exploded in her closet.

I have a similar outfit in my own closet; I pair it with heels in the summer and tall black boots and a black scarf in the winter.

Little Style - Toddler Pattern Mixing- via the Oaxacaborn blog dot com copy
I’ve loved mixing patterns since long before it was a “thing”. Now that it’s in, I have an excuse! I love how the solid green skirt creates a visual break between the two patterns. (Well, actually, the real reason I include the skirt here is because I’m adamant about teaching Aveline leggings are not pants. She might be a member of the under-two set, but the rule still applies. Seriously!)