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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: The time my camera met her foot and lost

Aveline's feet running toward a Broken Camera

May 2013 - Curtains via Oaxacaborn

It’s a good thing I just had that epiphany about blogging more work-that’s-not-my-own-AKA-inspiration, because it appears my theory is going to be put to the test.


See those allegedly cute feet in the photo above?

Minutes after that image was captured, those very same little feet forcefully met with an open lens and shutter, causing springs and small parts to loose from their confines and fall onto the sidewalk, rendering the aforementioned camera slightly less than operable.

Then she went inside and colored on the stairs with pink and blue sidewalk chalk, leaving me to lament over the damage her kick left in its wake.

If you need me, I’ll be rocking back and forth, with a tiny spring in one hand and a brownie in the other.

Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Turning Cacti Upside-down

Sometimes, on nice evenings, if dinner’s ready and the floodgates of heaven aren’t open, we step outside for a few minutes waiting for Papa to get home.

We talk to ants, point at airplanes, tell birds to hurry up and fly, and ask where all the puddles went.

Toddler and Flowers Outside Front Door via Oaxacaborn

Sometimes we stop for a moment, pick up our favorite succulent, think…
Toddler holding succulent via Oaxacaborn dot com

Toddler turning succulent over via Oaxacaborn dot com

Toddler with upside-down succulent via Oaxacaborn dot com

Toddler standing next to upside-down potted plant

Toddler after dumping over potted plant
…and then question the wisdom of what we’ve just done.

Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Toy Pigs and Cracker Crumbs

February 2013 - Aveline eating Ritz and playing Etch-a-Sketch in our bed
It’s rather suspicious when a toddler suddenly becomes quiet. But this quiet moment was only a mild bending of the rules — eating crackers in our bed, reclining on a plush soccer ball, and playing with her mini Etch A Sketch.

I was happy to overlook the crumbs. (They were on Josiah’s side of the bed, anyway.) It gave me few moments to drink the rest of my coffee without fear of wearing it.
February 2013 - Aveline with Peppa Pig
Just look at that little dimpled chin and elbow! Ah! I love her.

And she loves the set of Peppa Pig characters she received at Christmas time — Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy. I think it’s hilarious that since we say “papa” or “papi” rather then “daddy”, she thinks the Peppa Pig’s father’s name is “doddy”, complete with British accent!

February 2013 - Aveline with animal toys
This is her favorite spot, at the old 1940’s table in the corner near the big windows. I find her here most of the time, with a line-up of toys and shiny things and various other “chessures” (treasures), as she colors away in books, on paper, and on the table.

February 2013 - Colored Snoopy Bandaid
Don’t worry, it’s just the teeny-tiniest owie. But like most kids (and very much like myself at that age) she’s prone to scratch away, so we deemed the owie off-limits with a Peanuts bandaid.  I wonder why bandaids are so exciting? I think she thought it was an accessory, like a necklace or hair bow.

As part of my effort to blog more about everyday life, I’m going to start writing little tidbits along with the images in these Life in Photos posts.

Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: A little roundup from Instagram

Gilmore Girls, Babycakes NYC cupcakes, and the Lumineers CD
A few very lovely things.

Fedora-wearing toddler coloring
And then she took the donut box (she calls it a “birthday box”) for her crayons.

On my desk
My desk.

New dress
It’s February, but it’s also the tropics.

Valentine's flowers and artwork by Maia Chavez Larkin - The Voyagers
Anouk on a Cold Day by Maia Larkin, available here.

Fedora-wearing toddler making art projects
“S’ar stickers.”

Metallic silver and black Converse All Stars
New Converse for the little girl, a 1951 map of Central Europe, and nail polish I thought was black (it wasn’t).

I’m not always sure if I should post Instagram photos here or not. They don’t seem strictly “blog-worthy”, but I want to share more snapshots of personal life on the blog this year, and I don’t always have my camera with me.

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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: The Way Bodega Bay Makes Me Feel

Urban Outfitter Floral Denim

January 2013 - Aveline and I at Bodega Bay in California

January 2013 - Aveline eats a picnic lunch on the beach in winter

Gina taking photos at Bodega Bay at sunset

The California coast always makes my heart soar.

There’s something so special about
those cliffs and
that icy water and
the way the sky changes color every minute.

Liz, who blogs beautifully at Yellow Finch, was kind enough to post more of my words about the way Bodega Bay makes me feel.