In Our Homeschool This Week (6th Grade & Preschool | 3 March 23)

You know I’m going to start off this recap with literature, especially literature which doubles as history. Buckle up, hide your wallets, and get out your library card. I’ll talk about a lot of books today. (Our Eastern Redbud tree is in full — yet leafless — bloom this week. Magical!)

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100+ Books About Math for Curious Kids

100+ Living Books on Math from Gina @ the Oaxacaborn blog

Implementing Literature-Based Math with 100+ Kid-Approved Living Math Books

Books about math? Yes! Math!

And did you know there is a math section at the library? Our library has entire shelves filled with colorful, humorous, engaging books about math. Each week, my daughter pulls my arm out of my socket dragging me to the math section. (Yes, we’re talking about my numbers-obsessed five-year-old, who constantly reminds me how upset she is that her math curriculum hasn’t covered pi and x,y graphing yet.)

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