Life in Photos

LIFE IN PHOTOS :: Lately… (including a really terrific thrift store haul)

Aveline sleeping on the couch
Cutting up radishes for lunch
Tiny toddler updo
June 2013 - Mischief Maker
Diesel, Levi's, Naartjie, Harajuku Mini, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren and H&M clothes for toddler

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: Neon Wayfarers and Tasseled Scarf

(A great big thank you to the kind folks over at ZOOBUG who sent these gorgeous sunnies to Aveline!)
2 - neon wayfarers and large scarf on small child

1 - neon wayfarers and large scarf on small child


GLASSES: Fluo-Pink Wayfarers c/o Zoobug
OWL BELT: ej sikke lej, a gift Auntie Lauren brought back from Denmark
SCARF: Target women’s section
LONG-SLEEVE WHITE TEE: American Apparel c/o Wittlebee
SKINNY JEANS: Levi’s, a gift from Grandma