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LITTLE STYLE :: That time I opened a children’s clothing shop to bring European childhood to the US

Ikea Poang chair in Off white

Tall windows in bedroom, messy bed, trees outside window

Mix and match Ikea bedding in white

She finds her way into our bed every morning, her stuffed “Mister Fox” in one hand and a whole cascade of giggles filling the space around her.

It’s Josiah that carries her into our room, between the pressing down of the glass-and-silver French Press, and the deft opening of the blinds.

And we start every day this way, with laughter that’s a necessary antidote to my morning-challenged self.

God knows exactly what we need.

Every day is full to overflowing with this big personality of hers. It fills the room, it fills my heart, and the soundwaves definitely fill my ears. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around how many times she asked me yesterday, “What’s zis lo name, mummy? What’s zis lo name?” I tell her it’s “mummy”, and…she isn’t buying it.

We work on together, through the day, while Josiah is at work, our days filled with the chores that keep the home humming, errands out into tropical air that confuses our Christmas-leaning brains, and more beads and crayons and alphabets that you could ever imagine.

Yesterday, I added another item to our daily routine, too, with the launch of a brand-new children’s clothing website, LENKA AND THE FAWN. (Eeeee!) I can’t believe that in June, it all began with this simple pollย and now, in November, the concept has grown into a real, live, working retail shop.

If you’ve been reading Oaxacaborn for a while, you know my story. You know I was born in Mexico, lived in the former Yugoslavia in Europe and then came to America right before I turned 8. Lenka and the Fawn is an extension of that story.

And if you like, you can read more here.

Babiekins Magazine, Poetry & Words

My Decision to Step Down from Babiekins Magazine

Copy Editor Gina Munsey's decision to Leave Babiekins Magazine

After two wonderful years, the time has come to leave my post as Copy Editor for Babiekins Magazine. There are no hard feelings involved, just a season coming to a close — as seasons are wont to do.

My time with Babiekins has given me the privilege of seeing my words on bookstore shelves — a dream I have had since I was fifteen. Nothing can replace all I’ve learned over the past two years. But even more than that, this experience has given me the opportunity to connect with scores of talented people all over the globe, and it’s those personal relationships for which I’m most thankful.

As I say goodbye to my editor role, I’m also saying hello to my newest project, Lenka and the Fawn. Lenka is a brand-new online children’s clothing store based around the concept of bringing European childhood to the United States. I’ll be launching the website in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for being so supportive of my creative endeavors; you, readers, are more encouraging than you know.

And Priscila, a huge thank you to you for all you’ve done — I am so thankful for our friendship and wish you and the team nothing but the absolute best!