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Toddler Aveline running down the sidewalk

Today, this has mainly been my view — the back of a very quickly moving Aveline. It’s been a “part of” kind of day.

Part of the laundry folded.

Part of an article for Babiekins Magazine written.

Part of Aveline’s birthday crown made.

Part of the bathroom cleaned.

Toddler Aveline stooping down to pick up bark off the sidewalk

But that’s ok. It’s been a day full of life, full of laughter, full of joy, full of peace.

Toddler Aveline kneeling on sidewalk holding bark pieces

I wouldn’t trade my position now with any one.

I love being a mama. I couldn’t think of a better gift in the world than my little, hilarious, laughing miracle.

Toddler Aveline tasting bark

Life in Photos

a spring vacation week with lauren: the instagram version

this week was amazing. my lovely friend lauren–who was a bridesmaid in my wedding–came to visit! i haven’t seen her since 2008, so (obviously!) this was her first time meeting aveline.

they got along smashingly. lauren was so patient with the fact that aveline’s naplessness and teething took precedence over going out and about. so, we settled in on the couch and took turns holding aveline while drinking iced coffees, tweeting to each other, and watching back to back (to back) episodes of say yes to the dress. (ssshhh, don’t tell.)

Auntie Lauren and Baby Aveline - Baby is sporting NatureBabiesUK Leopard Pattern Cloth Diaper Cover

we did have a few outings. it’s always fun to wander around ross, right? especially when you’re with a friend, and you get the giggles upon spotting the creepiest clearance rack ever. i mean, seriously! how can this get much worse? mr. chipped-ear-elephant gave me the willies. and why exactly is he giving the bottle of yeast the eye?

TwinLab Yeast Supplement and Ceramic Elephant with Chipped Ear - Creepy Clearance Aisle at Ross Store

we also drove downtown and took a lovely walk around lake eola. in all the times i’ve been there, i’ve never noticed this monument to the confederate states. it kind of blew my mind. i should have taken a photo of the inscription on the base of the monument. a lot of people will argue that florida isn’t really the true south, but if that’s the case, why are they celebrating the confederacy every time i turn around? i’ve seen more confederate flags here than any other place i’ve ever lived. it’s bizarre.

Confederate Monument at Lake Eola, Orlando Florida

but i digress…

while lauren was here, we also drove to the coast and spend the afternoon at cocoa beach. this beach as a special place in my heart, as my family came here on an amazing vacation when i was 16 years old, and it’s where josiah proposed in 2008. this time, we introduced little aveline to the ocean for the very first time.

Gina and Aveline under umbrella at Cocoa Beach - baby's first trip to the Atlantic Ocean

she was dressed as lawrence of arabia for the majority of the time, but i think she enjoyed herself. it was a gorgeous, beautiful day. i just love the florida coast. as i was sitting on the beach looking out over the rolling crystal blue waves, i commented to josiah that as awesome as california is, i really do love florida and i wouldn’t mind living here for years. i see beauty everwhere here now. i know God has done a work in my heart, as i really am so content and happy here this time around — and it wasn’t like that at all before. thank you, Lord, for this wonderful peace.

Lauren and Gina with baby Aveline at Cocoa Beach, Florida - Baby's first trip to the Atlantic Ocean

doesn’t lauren look every part the doting auntie? we had an amazing time together.

Auntie Lauren and Baby Aveline (and Lauren's new haircut courtesy yours truly!)


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POETRY & WORDS :: our love story: how long distance became i do

Some of you will recognize the following story — I penned it just months after 26PM and i were married in 2008, and published it on my old blog (Remember Xanga? That’s how we all rolled back in the day, ha ha!)

Anyway, I rediscovered these words again today, and realized that I never shared our love story on this blog.

So, here it is. The story of a love that spanned the distance between the Atlantic and Pacific. The story of two people who could not remain apart. The story of our lives.

once upon a time, he saw her. after church, playing football in the grass. she was barefoot. this is his first memory, but she did not notice.

she does not remember, except for the time he could not understand something she said and then she refused to speak.

[we were both sixteen. –yellowcard, ocean avenue]

well, seventeen, actually.

[they had lots of common friends. –dennison witmer, 24 turned 25]

the same church. the same ski slopes. the same junior college.

but they did not notice.

[you never even see me. you look right through me. –coldplay, shiver]

she remembers how he flew before he could drive, and how he drew color and life bursting from grey rubble. she told her mother he thought about things, deeply.

he did not know he was present in her mind.

she did not know she thought of him, even when she did.

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