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LIFE IN PHOTOS :: A little roundup from Instagram

Gilmore Girls, Babycakes NYC cupcakes, and the Lumineers CD
A few very lovely things.

Fedora-wearing toddler coloring
And then she took the donut box (she calls it a “birthday box”) for her crayons.

On my desk
My desk.

New dress
It’s February, but it’s also the tropics.

Valentine's flowers and artwork by Maia Chavez Larkin - The Voyagers
Anouk on a Cold Day by Maia Larkin, available here.

Fedora-wearing toddler making art projects
“S’ar stickers.”

Metallic silver and black Converse All Stars
New Converse for the little girl, a 1951 map of Central Europe, and nail polish I thought was black (it wasn’t).

I’m not always sure if I should post Instagram photos here or not. They don’t seem strictly “blog-worthy”, but I want to share more snapshots of personal life on the blog this year, and I don’t always have my camera with me.


Anthropologie tour via iPhone Photos

Sis(in-law) Hannah and I went to Anthropologie last week — can you believe it was my first time there since I moved to Florida at the end of February?! Too ridiculous. I used to go all the time when we lived in California, and I definitely want to get back in the habit.

As you can see, I was shamelessly enthusiastic and clicked a bunch of snapshots with my phone. (Click to see all fifteen photos.)

Anthropologie iPhone photos

Anthropologie iPhone photos

Anthropologie iPhone photos

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