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Staying Cool in the Heat (August Photo Challenge: Day 2)

Aveline knows there’s no better way to beat the heat than with a midday siesta. While the noon sun burns hot, wilting the leaves and muting the birds’ song, she snoozes away in her bright little diaper.

Her days are spent mostly shirtless, at least while we’re indoors. When we go out,she wears a cotton hat and a sundress, and sometimes a pair of shoes from her adorable collection of mary janes.

Once papa gets home, she’ll beg him for a sip of ice water. He can’t ever resist, and lets her wet lips slobber all over the rim of his glass. I love the tiny slurping sound she makes as she gulps down little mouthfuls of water.

It doesn’t cool down at night, here. When it’s dark, the wispy hair around her ears will still be damp from sweat, and she’ll fall asleep again sprawled out atop her blankets.

Aveline in orange FuzziBunz diaper, sleeping in green IKEA Somnat crib - Staying Cool - August Photo Challenge - Day 2 - The August Break

Image: Day Two (Staying Cool) of the August Photo Challenge.

Life in Photos

beyond baby pastels: assembling the lime green IKEA Somnat crib

i blogged previously about the fabulous lime green IKEA Somnat crib we’d picked out for our baby.  last night, we assembled it! (and by we, i mean, my wonderful artist-husband.) yes, i know it’s still a little over seven weeks until baby is supposed to show her precious face, but things are already starting to get busy with thanksgiving, christmas, and new years plans. and our little kumquat is due just 10 days into the new year! so, husband got out his trusty cordless drill (who doesn’t like an excuse to use to use a power tool?) and assembled away. of course, this was after we’d measured everything in the room, plotted out the dimensions on a photoshop grid, and did some virtual rearranging to figure out how to actually fit the crib into our room.

nursery time! assembling the lime green IKEA SOMNAT baby crib into our orange and green and black and white damask room

IKEA SOMNAT crib in lime green with Sophia Fitted Crib Sheetby JoJo - Damask Print in black and white

IKEA SOMNAT crib in lime green with Sophia Fitted Crib Sheetby JoJo - Damask Print in black and white and handmade crochet cotton baby blanket in lime green

isn’t it lovely? i can’t stop looking at it!

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