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LITTLE STYLE :: One-Piece Kids’ Pajamas (Not for Babies)

One-Piece Pajamas for 3T and above - Not for Babies - via

A while ago, I blogged about how hard it was to find labels (other than Hanna Andersson) which make one-piece non-footed pajamas above a size 2. They’re ubiquitious in baby sizes, but vanish for toddlers and bigger kids.

After that post, Pop Street Kidz pointed me in the direction of a few brands, and then I found a couple more as well. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Gray Label Summer Suit – Available in three colors through size 5/6
2. KicKee Pants Bamboo Coveralls – Available in various prints through size 6yr
3. J.Crew Union Suit – Selling out quickly; only size 4 left
4. Gap Sleep Zip Romper – Available in various prints through size 5yr
5. Soft Gallery Serpentine Jumpsuit – I’m aware it’s not, strictly speaking, sleepwear. But remove the drawstring and it would be oh-so-cozy! Available through size 12yr.
Not pictured – Indikidual’s All-in-ones

Do you know of more options I’ve not mentioned here?