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Guest Post: A Day in the Life of Cedar Taylor (The Vintage Wife)

Hello! My name is Cedar. I am a mama, a wife, a painter, a cook, a vintage fanatic, and a blogger ( ). May 4th of this year I became a mom for the first time to my darling girl, Lucille Darlene. Since then my life has changed infinitely. I work harder, sleep less, and somehow have yet to completely lose my mind. Every day brings a new adventure, and after two months I finally feel like I have a grasp on keeping our household in somewhat running order.

Guest Post - Cedar Taylor - The Vintage Wife - Cedar and baby Lucy in sling

Most of our day is spent like this. Lucy loves being carried around in the sling. Sometimes she will watch quietly as I go about doing things around the house, other times she will take short baby naps, and sometimes she will talk to me in coos. I absolutely love wearing her. Not only am I able to have my hands free, but it is wonderful having her so close to my body. Wearing her enables me to see all the things that she sees and watch and hear her reaction to things in our day to day life.

Lucy sleeps in the bed with us. It wasn’t planned that way, but after our first restless night home from the hospital she moved in with mom and dad. It is really convenient for nursing. During the night she will give me a couple kicks, I will roll over to feed her and fall back asleep. Dad never even wakes up (well until she needs a change, he does nighttime diaper duty). Most mornings I wake up to her cooing and squirming beside me in the bed. We snuggle for a bit before we get up. This is my favorite time of day, she is definitely a morning person like her mama. I put her in the sling and go help dad get ready for work; making him breakfast and packing his lunch. I also get Lucy cleaned up and fed, and try to get food for myself (though breakfast sometimes comes quite late).

2 - Guest Post - Cedar Taylor - The Vintage Wife - Baby Lucy in Pink Leopard Spot Swaddle

During the week Lucy goes down for two naps. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. While she naps I race around like a mad woman, trying to get as much done in that time as I possibly can. I pick up clutter and fold laundry from the previous day. I plan dinner and start prepping it. I do a load of laundry, usually diapers. I try to work on writing a post for my blog. Certain tasks I will put off until she is awake, and I know I can get them done with Lucy in the sling. Things like sweeping, vacuuming, and putting clutter away are perfect while wearing her, as I don’t have to do much bending or straining.

Some days I am just too tired and need a break from the housework. As soon as baby is down for a nap I kick my feet up on the couch and watch some instant Netflix, read a book, or work on a painting. Unfortunately these days are few and far between, but I know as she gets older I will regain a bit more “me time”.

3- Guest Post - Cedar Taylor - The Vintage Wife - Household chores - Cooking and Cloth Diaper Laundry

Every day in the afternoon when Lucy wakes up from her second nap we play. Some days we will take a bunch of silly pictures on the bed, other days I will sing to her and make silly faces, and some days I will turn on a record and we will dance around the living room. She absolutely loves music, and even more loves the constant movement.

4 - Guest Post - Cedar Taylor - The Vintage Wife - Cedar and Lucy Instagram

In the afternoon before dad comes home I put Lucy down on her play mat while I get dinner ready. She is usually very happy to have some time to sit and play on her own. She lays and chatters away to the dangling toys as I finish up. Often she will watch our hyperactive cats race by with a big grin on her face.

Unless we are leaving the house Lucy spends the day in just her diaper, summers in Southern California can be a bit brutal. Quite honestly though, who doesn’t love seeing a cute little squishy baby body?

5 - Guest Post - Cedar Taylor - The Vintage Wife - Baby Lucy on Playmat wearing FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers

Dad usually comes home while Lucy is playing on her mat, though some days she lets me know she would rather be in the sling. We take turns holding her as we eat dinner. It has been ages since we had a meal together. After dinner we put Lucy in her swaddle and walk her around the house for a little bit to calm her down. I usually nurse her to sleep, and then go out to the living room and have some wine to relax.

It has been such a crazy journey thus far. I never in a million years could have imagined the ways my life would change in just two short months. I know the road ahead is ever changing, but there are some important things I have learned along the way:

  • Everything takes time. No longer can I do a quick run to the store for an item I forgot to put on the list. I have learned to be much more thorough when writing my shopping lists.
  • Babies don’t go to sleep on their own. This shocked me, I had no idea that I would have to nurse/rock/walk around with Lucy until she fell asleep. I naively thought babies would just fall asleep when bed time rolled around.
  • Ask lots of questions and ask for help. I can not stress this enough. I am the kind of person that likes to figure things out on my own, and am definitely not one to ask for help. When you are responsible for a little life and really don’t know what you are doing, asking for help is the only thing you can do if you want what is best for your baby.
  • Chores are not that important. Yes, we need clean dishes, clothes and home, but if they don’t get done they don’t get done. Life moves on.
  • Above all else baby is the most important thing. I would rather spend an hour staring into her eyes than an hour doing anything else.
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Guest Post: Summertime Means Popsicles

Amelia of More Fun with an Apron eating a homemade fudgepop with popsicle recipe

I’m so excited to write my first ever guest blog post! I was very flattered to be asked and the first thing that came to mind was “Slow Drip Fudge Pops”. I started making “slow drip pops” for my daughter last year and she loves them. I love that they hold up well in the summer heat. You can get creative with homemade popsicles by mixing and matching different fruits, yogurt, and juices. Mix in some chamomile tea with fruit juice for a teething baby. I like that I can control the amount of sugar in the popsicles and I can also avoid nasty artificial dyes and flavors.

More Fun with an Apron Homemade Fudgepop Popsicle RecipeMore Fun with an Apron Homemade Fudgepop Popsicle Recipe

This recipe can be made with almond or rice milk but I happened to have left over organic whole milk from making yogurt so I used that. You could even live on the wild side and use heavy cream or half and half. It will be our secret.

Amelia of More Fun with an Apron eating a homemade fudgepop with popsicle recipe

Homemade Fudgepops

2 cups milk
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2/3 cup of sugar (or add to taste)
1 tsp vanilla
1 package Knoxx gelatin

In a medium sauce pan heat all the ingredients and stir until sugar and gelatin has dissolved and cocoa powder has been incorporated well. Cool slightly before adding to the popsicle molds. Makes 6-10 pops depending on your type of molds.

There you go! The gelatin is the secret. It keeps the liquid from dripping!

I hope everyone has a safe and blessed Summer!

Lindsey Costa is a lover of all things vintage and retro. A Virginia girl in California, she’s a mixture of 1940’s vintage, a southern belle, and a hippie. Lindsey describes herself as a “wife, mama, Christian, homemaker, baker, amateur herbalist, homebirther, crocheter and sewer”. Read her lovely blog More Fun with an Apron or follow her on Twitter.

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Guest Post: A Lash of Hope

Cancer. Oh, that this word would become no more earth-shattering than hearing “chicken-pox” or “measles”.

A single eyelash has never held so much significance before.

Our foster baby was losing all his hair as a side-effect to the chemotherapy he was receiving but this one remaining eyelash stuck tight.
For weeks and weeks that have turned into months, we’ve done everything possible to ease the suffering of our little guy.

If only I could take his place.
If only I could give him his daily injections without pain.
If only I could reduce the anxiety that comes as soon as he sees a nurse or doctor.
If only Adam and Eve had never turned their backs on God the Father, there in that perfect garden…

One single eyelash that refused to give up.

It has since fallen out, but with only two more cycles of treatment (we hope) there will soon be fresh ones to take it’s place.
Life will be sweeter again. Normal again.
But little things will still symbolize eternal meaning.

Hope; in an eyelash.
Love; in a touch.
Joy; in a smile.
Peace; in a baby’s sleepy breathing.
Faith; in the rising of each day’s sun.

God who rules Heaven sees each eyelash that falls.
And He knows the significance of little things.
And He cares.

Mary Margaret Gascho describes herself as “an ordinary, unremarkable woman whose broken heart was breathed back into existence by the extraordinary, incredible love of a relentless, passionate God.” She’s raised 5 kids as well as more than 2 dozen foster babies/toddlers, and has graciously allowed me to republish this piece from her archives.

You can find her at Mary Margaret Photography or at her online stock-photography business.

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Guest Post: Mothers

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of Mother and Child's Hand

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of Pinwheel in Garden Pot

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of  Child's Hand and Breakfast Table

Artsy Ants - Sylvia - Photograph of  Child on Striped Blanket

mothers –
i’ve questioned them. i’ve read their stories. i’ve seen their glimpses.
and now i’m there myself.
is there a way to capture the depth, the intensity of this journey?

there are snapshots.

remnants of our day are scattered on the floor.
different piles of work that keep emerging.
still-lifes he creates with wooden blocks, cans and play cars.
i don’t know how many times the kitchen floor has been sweeped today.
he wakes up at night, seeking our closeness, and goes back to sleep, his breath brushing my neck.
whenever my voice rises in excitement, his little hand pats my shoulder.
he stops his walk to look at my feet standing next to him, walking with him.

yes, it’s dirty, it’s hard, it’s work.
and i’m tired.

but amidst the chaos of it all, i see our tiny everyday adventures,
our rituals growing, our family becoming.

and it’s beautifully wild, delightful, empowering.
just where i want to be.

sylvia is a storytelling mama and wife, girl with a camera, maker of stuff, lover of everyday beauty. together with her sister simona, she has a a sisterly art collaboration. they are two artsy ants, an ocean apart, busy making art on their ant hills while caring for their colonies.

they’re passionate about paint on their fingers, lovely design, thrift stores, snapping away, kissing baby feet and skype! visit the anthill on and their etsy shop on

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Guest Blog: Jen of ‘Making a Home and Family’ shares about Bringing Home Baby

(Note from Gina: Some lovely people have graciously agreed to share words and photos and pretty things with you while I’m off on my have-a-baby adventure. Today’s guest blogger is  Jen of Making a Home and Family. You can also find her on Twitter as @hippiejennie)

Guest Blogger Jen Smith of Making a Home & Family - Bringing Home Baby

Bringing Home Baby
There is a whirlwind of emotions when you arrive home after your new baby is born – excitement, relief, a little anxiety.  You had the help of doctors and nurses for the past few days, and now this little life is all you and your partner’s responsibility.  Breathe.  It’ll take some adjusting, but it all falls into place.

Remember, mamas, to take care of YOU
That’s right!  I wish someone would’ve told me this when I brought my daughter home.  I was so worried about nursing her, feeding the family, and doing laundry that I suffered.  I was tired, sore, stinky, and that just made things worse.  I needed some time to take care of me – a shower a day would’ve done me wonders.  Try and focus on you a little – shower, soak your feet, or read a book (or a magazine in short bursts).  Know that you deserve to be pampered so that you can be rested and better ready to take care of your baby.

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