Submit your Scandinavian Christmas Guest Post!

Submit your Scandinavian Christmas blog post to Oaxacaborn dot com! Illustration of Dala Horse Swedish Christmas by Aina StenbergIllustration by Aina Stenberg (1885-1975)

Just a quick reminder…don’t forget to send me your submissions for the very special Scandinavian/Nordic Christmas series coming up soon! It seems early, but this season gets busy very quickly. I know my calendar is already filling up quickly; yours too?

So, if you have a lovely round-up of wintry images to share (all properly sourced and credited, of course), photographs of your own home, Scandinavian recipes or traditions, a tutorial showing how to make an ornament or pretty giftwrap, decoration ideas — or something else I haven’t thought of — email me (oaxacaborn at gmail dot com).

Content which you’ve already published on your own blog is perfectly fine. And remember, the posts don’t have to be lengthy – a single inspiring image is excellent, as well.

Can’t wait to hear from you. :)


CHRISTMAS :: Call for “Scandinavian Christmas” Blog Submissions

I’m planning a Scandinavian Christmas series!

Scandinavian Christmas Tree via antlivinorregrdImage via Lantliv i Norregård

In case you think it’s crazy to talk about Christmas already, well, December 25th is actually THIS. CLOSE. Can you believe it?

The Scandinavian Christmas post I did last year on the topic is my number one most-viewed and most-pinned post of all time — year-round, not just during the holidays — so I’m excited about an entire dedicated series.

So, do you have photos of your home to share?

Or perhaps you’d like to contribute a blog post on Scandinavian Christmas traditions?

Or maybe you’re a fellow admirer of Scandinavian Christmases, and want to share a brilliant round-up of wintery Nordic images (properly sourced and credited, of course)?

Or maybe you live in one of these countries and want to share your experiences?

Email me oaxacaborn at gmail dot com to be included in this great series!