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LITTLE STYLE :: Aveline’s First Birthday – Handmade Felt Feather Birthday Crown, Stuffed Plush Toy Bunny, and Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Handmade felt feather crown - Feathered birthday crown

Aveline’s birthday yesterday was such a lot of fun! I can’t believe she’s a whole year old. We had a quiet little party for her, just Josiah and I, since our families are millions thousands of miles away — but it was joyous and beautiful and so full of laughter. (She even got to FaceTime and talk with both sets of grandparents!)

And can I just say I’m really happy with the way her feathered crown turned out? Even if the feathers did keep flopping over. I’m hoping to make a different birthday crown for her each year. My mom made us special birthday hats when we were little, and I thought it was the best thing ever.

What are your favorite birthday traditions — either from your childhood, or for your own children? I think it would be great to make a new handmade toy for her each birthday as well!

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Handmade Kawaii Plush Toy Creature

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Gluten-free Chocolate Cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - First taste of cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Close up of baby taking bite of cake

Oaxacaborn - Baby birthday cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Baby in highchair eating cake

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Cake Crumbs

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Pink first birthday candle

Oaxacaborn - First Birthday - Cake crumbs on IKEA Blames high chair tray

P.S. Here is the gluten-free chocolate cake recipe I used.

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Headband Giveaway at ‘Ma Nouvelle Mode’

Guess what, lovely readers? My very first giveaway ever is going on right now at Ma Nouvelle Mode! Head on over and enter to win all three of these headbands from my Etsy shop. Giveaway is open to US and non-US readers. Be sure to follow Natalia’s beautiful blog while you’re at it — I just love her.

And did you see my gluten-free cracker/pizza crust recipe on Peas in a Blog yesterday? Thank you, Carolina and Katie, for letting me guest post!

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Hello, New Readers!

Hello, new readers! If you’re stopping by via Artsy Ants, welcome! I’m happy to have you here and hope you stick around. (Thank you so much, Sylvia and Simona, for the mention and the blog award.)

This morning, I’m extra tired. Baby Aveline fell back asleep this morning, but for whatever reason, I couldn’t. And so here I am awake, rubbing my eyes and downing decaf.

The sun is pouring in through the windows, which are closed tightly to keep out the heat. At 9:30 am, it’s already 80° F (27° C). The forecasted high is 95° F (35° C), with a UV index of 10+. And that’s on a scale of 1 to 10! Looks like the little miss and I will be staying indoors today.

gluten-free waffles on white ceramic plate, coffee in white and black mug, on wooden table
turquoise, white and navy floral fabric belt over chair back
gluten-free waffle macro/close-up image on white ceramic plate

P.S. Want the waffle recipe? They’re gluten-free!