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WRITING & WORDS :: I’m back from vacation with a story in the Summer Issue of Babiekins Magazine, and more!

Toddler standing in front of rainy windowIn case you couldn’t tell from the photo, Aveline and I are back in Florida. We enjoyed a few glorious weeks in the California sunshine with our incredible family. I love them so and it certainly was hard to leave them all behind again (but wonderful to be back with Josiah!)
Virtual Travel Series - Summer Blog Tour hosted by Oaxacaborn
I want to give a huge shout-out to all the bloggers who filled this space while I was gone! Thank you Sylvia (Hamburg), Annika (Finland), Corrie (Dallas), Alyx (Frankfurt), Natalia (France), Igor (Paris), Tina (Costa Rica), and Kate (London). The Summer Vacation Tour was very well received and I plan to continue to feature locations from time to time as I receive submissions. So if you want to show off your part of the world, check out the requirements here and then email me!

Alright then, so what else has been happening across the interwebz while I was away?

Mini Street Style - Baby BlackbirdWell, Aveline was featured on Baby Blackbird’s Mini Street Style! Check it out and leave some comment love. :)
Babiekins Magazine Blog - Get the Look SeriesAlso, I’ve been continuing my weekly series at the Babiekins Magazine Blog, in which I show you how to dress your little one just like  (a stylish version of) a story book character. Here are the  most recent books and looks:

Annnnnd….I’ve saved the best for last. :-D The summer issue of Babiekins Magazine was just released a couple of days ago, and I’m thrilled to say that not only have I joined the editorial team as Copy Editor…I’ve also written a little something about my childhood adventures! To read my summery piece in Babiekins Magazine Issue 9, scroll through to page 112, or go to the Table of Contents and click on “Fort Building”. I’m still giddy over seeing my work illustrated by the talented Gigi Rose Gray.
Babiekins Magazine Issue 9 Cover and Excerpt from Fort Building by Gina Munsey

Be sure to scroll through all the lovely photography and editorials in this issue of the magazine, you really don’t want to miss it.

Whew, that was a lot to catch up on, and doesn’t even include my California adventures! I’ll be sharing some photos in the days to come. Ah, it’s good to be back.

So, what have I missed in your lives? Any blog posts from the past month you want me to see? Leave a link in the comments! xo

Little Style

LITTLE STYLE :: How to Dress your Kids Like Dick and Jane, on the Babiekins Magazine Blog

Good morning, lovelies! This week’s children’s fashion feature is vintage-inspired. Click on over to the Babiekins Magazine blog to see how to dress your kids like Dick and Jane!
Olive Juice Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall - How to Dress your Kids like Dick and JaneShown: Amelie Dress and Bailey Shortall, both from Olive Juice