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LITTLE STYLE :: Polish Children’s Label Czesiociuch

via children's designer czesiociuch
via the Polish children's clothing designer czesiociuch
via the Polish children's designer czesiociuch
via Polish children's designer czesiociuch

How great is the playfulness and energy of these lookbook photos from Polish children’s clothing brand Czesiociuch?

I’m curious. Where do you fall when it comes to harem pants? (They’re also referred to as genie or Aladdin pants, hammer pants, or Turkish trousers.) I happen to love them, but my husband doesn’t “get” them.

At all.

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LITTLE STYLE :: Watching Ants…and Making Harem/Genie Pants

The other night, Aveline’s energy was just too much for the four walls of the house to contain. So we went for a walk at sunset.

She watched ants. Toddler watching ants on sidewalk

She poked them. Handmade toddler harem genie pants

And then she danced home at her papa’s side.

(P.S. Her harem/genie/HAMMERTIME! pants that I was tweeting about last week are a modification of this pattern from Pretty Bobbins. I added several inches to the legs to make them full-length pants, and extended the pattern all around to increase the size.)