Life in Photos

Winter in Florida :: Aveline’s First Playground Experience

I had so much fun taking Aveline to the playground for the very first time. And doesn’t our Florida winter look rough? Believe it or not, we are so.completely.over the hot, sticky weather and are pining away for cold air. (The long sleeves were just a formality because it’s November. We were actually sweating.)

Aveline peeking over the edge of the swings

Aveline on the swings

Aveline on the swings 2

Tiny Aveline in a very large swing

Aveline smiling on the playground swing

Aveline swinging - blue skies

Life in Photos

A Little Tour of a Corner of our Home

Striped Curtains in Wind, Orange Paper Lantern, Orange Mirror
Since I finally finished sewing the third striped curtain, I thought I’d share the completed room. We only moved in at the end of February…it’s about time, right?

Black, White, Red and Orange Bedroom

Keep Calm, Milo Berries, Noferin, Matryoshka

The dried milo berries are from our wedding. Our centerpieces — large hurricane lamps — contained tiny bouquets of milo berries sticking out of black sand. The berries were also scattered around at the end of the aisle, instead of flower petals.Headbands Oaxacaborn on Etsy, Aveline's First Stocking

Aveline’s first little stocking, and a few of the headbands in my shop. I’m SO looking forward to Aveline’s first Christmas!

Handmade, Life in Photos

Tuesday morning in pictures

hot pink bamboo yarn on black

mylo xyloto and coffee on black desk

fried plantains in vintage bowl and handmade felt owls

corner of bible on black

My morning in pictures. Except, in interest of full disclosure, the following things have remained unphotographed:

  • my impressive bedhead (well, you can kinda see it in the Coldplay CD cover)
  • the displeased squawking sound Aveline makes when I don’t cut up her fried plantain pieces fast enough
  • piles of partially-sorted laundry near the washer
  • the rumpled, unmade bed
I could go on, but I think you get the point ;-)